1 million tons of Yanming vanadium mine in Henan accounted for one quarter of the province's vanadium resources

It was learned from the Henan Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources that the first geological exploration institute of the Bureau had previously identified 1 million tons of vanadium ore in the Quarantine Project of the Vanadium Mine in Neixiang County and submitted it to a large-scale mineral production area. It is reported that this is the province's largest source of vanadium ore.

A total of 23 ore bodies are confined in the mining area, which are shallow and easy to mine. The initial estimated amount of vanadium resources is 1,008,300 tons, accounting for one quarter of the province's existing vanadium resources.

According to reports, Luanchuan County has abundant reserves of vanadium resources. Among the 17 townships and offices in the county, 11 have vanadium resources, which are characterized by wide distribution, large reserves, stable levels, and easy exploitation. Ming's vanadium resources amounted to more than 3 million tons, ranking the forefront of the country.

Vanadium (vanadium pentoxide) is mainly used in refining alloys, as a catalyst and reducing agent. It is called "chemical bread" and is widely used in military production, as well as chemical, glass, ceramic colorants.

The discovery of this mineral deposit has greatly enhanced the existing resources in the region. Experts suggest that the project should be continuation and it is expected to further expand the scale of prospecting.  

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