Accord Stan

Accord Stan-Tang Dynasty flourishing current taste
Inheriting the rituals of the east, interpreting the dream of a mansion, reminiscent of the days of the past, and interpreting the oriental charm with modern art

The prosperity of Datang combined with historical records gives us unlimited imagination, and where there are Chinese people all over the world, there will be Chinatown. During the prosperous Tang Dynasty, prosperity and abundant food and clothing provided people with the conditions to develop more spiritual enjoyment. The Tang Dynasty was open and inclusive, with strong national strength and developed civilization. The integration of cultures in different countries made Tang people not stick to traditions. The Tang Dynasty culture of the Accord Stan also carried out cultural exchanges in an eclectic and inclusive manner.


A door, seeing one side of the world, backed by the Millennium Mountains in a state of mind, enjoying the clear waters of the clouds
The Accord Stan Datang series , the artistic conception of mountains, waters and clouds is the heart of the modern urban people. Spring and autumn, summer scorching sun, winter frost and snow. If there are four seasons at home, what a wonderful thing the Accord Stan Datang series pursues The coordination and unity of strength and aesthetics are solemn, generous, and elegant. The outline of the line is heavy and round, and the tension is hidden. The balanced ratio of left and right aspect emphasizes the core beauty of power.

Luxurious, elegant and refined, it combines rich culture and art, expressing the needs of modern people for living in the living room, letting art come into life and live life into art.


In the Accord Stan Datang series, the color, material selection and shape design of the restaurant's home products are just right. The collision and fusion of Chinese and Western cultures make each product a unique piece of art, reflecting a profound artistic accomplishment. And a calm and comfortable life attitude.
The generous and inclusive inner beauty allows the Accord Stan Datang series of furniture to match an extraordinary artistic conception, such as the Tang people's aesthetic pursuit of more vitality and upward vitality, the alternative beauty of "fullness and richness, warmth and grace" .
Drowning in dreams all day long, stealing for half a day, the Tang dynasty's research and pursuit of the sleeping environment, its elaboration is far beyond our imagination. Some of their interior and furniture design concepts coincide with the most popular minimalism today. Therefore, from ancient times to the present, what has not changed is people's pursuit of quality of life and failure.
The Tang Dynasty has the famous Tang Sancai, which can be said to be a representative of the entire Tang Dynasty industrial products.
The blue soft-packed bed of the Accord Stan Datang series bedroom space uses a lot of retro Tang Sancai representative color blue to interpret the rich oriental complex. Datang is glorious, and Datang is also mysterious. There are blue secret legends about the East in the distant western world.

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