Advantages and disadvantages of tire couplings

The new performance of the tire coupling has the following three characteristics:

One,        In addition to its excellent cushioning and shock absorbing performance, the product has excellent compensation performance for axial, radial and angular offset, which can effectively reduce the current peak value of the equipment during operation and is better than other couplings . The ratio is reduced by 50 %. Greatly reduced installation requirements.

  Second, it is designed by special rubber process, except for lubrication and maintenance-free, especially suitable for working environment with damp and dust. The product has low noise, long service life and convenient disassembly and assembly, which fundamentally solves the problem that other couplings are easy to damage and have short service life in harsh environments. The product fills a gap in China's coupling products.

two,        It is a large-scale variable-speed motor variable-frequency motor used in the production process. By installing a tire-type coupling , it can eliminate the additional load between the shafts during the automatic control of the motor and improve the flexibility, which is unmatched by other tire-type couplings. .  

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'The advantages and disadvantages of 'tire couplings'

Universal Powder Fastening Tools


  • Widely used for concrete, metal, brickwork and rocky structures
  • Fastening of doors and windows, interior finishing and electrical engineering

Technical Parameters:


  • Automatic ejection
  • Simple construction, ease of maintenance and disassembly

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Universal Powder Fastening Tool

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