Analysis of the causes of odor in screw chiller

Reasons for odors in screw chillers:

The so-called odor, that is, the cooking materials and food in the screw chiller, under the influence of external factors, produce an abnormal odor through physical and chemical changes. For a long time, the odor adheres to the wall of the screw chiller. , ceilings, and equipment and tools. The odor is generated in the screw chiller. Generally speaking, there are several reasons: the screw chiller has an odor before it enters the food.

Before entering the screw chiller, the food will have spoilage, such as spoiled eggs, meat, fish and so on.

A screw-type chiller that stores fish, which stores food such as meat, eggs, or fruits and vegetables without washing, causing the odor to become infected and deteriorate.

The screw chiller is not well ventilated, and the temperature and humidity are too large, causing the mold to multiply and produce a mildew smell.

The leakage of the cooling circuit of the screw chiller causes the odor of the refrigerant (ammonia) to be eroded into the food.

The temperature in the screw chiller does not drop, causing the meat to deteriorate and spoil and produce a spoiled taste. This happens mostly when fresh meat is not frozen, frozen, or transferred to the warehouse.

Foods with different odors exist in a screw chiller warehouse, causing food odors to infect each other.

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