Analysis of the causes of temperature rise of NTN imported bearings and countermeasures

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Analysis of the causes of temperature rise of NTN imported bearings and countermeasures

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The operator explained the reason for the temperature rise of the NTN bearing. 1) The breaking of the bearing cooling water.
.2) oil degradation; oil; or the operation of the individual's dirty oil degradation; such as in oil-in-water; will form oil; add acidity; will reduce oil smooth; bearing corrosion; form bearing temperature. (1) alarm bell .
.2) mechanical problems next to the water wheel of the water wheel; the temperature of the external bearing indicates the temperature rise; signal relay.
.3) Thermometer disk (bulging large thermometer) Black and yellow needles are stacked or crossed beyond the yellow needle.
.4) Bearing temperature signal is announced.
NTN bearing temperature treatment when the bearing temperature rises; the first thing to determine whether it can be faulty; if they are real rise; should be treated as follows:
.1) Check the pressure of the cooling water; the flow and piping system are normal. The filter that flows down can be closed; it cannot be disposed of; it can suspend the operation when it is disposed of; it is then put into use.
.2) The governor oil pressure should be checked; the oil pressure can cause cooling water; the hydraulic valve is closed.
.3) Can there be differences; can there be an abnormal sound to see the bearing and bearing jump test.
.4) Adopt oil samples to investigate the color change of the oil; and conduct a test; see if it can deteriorate. If it proves to be worse; replace it with a new oil.
.5) Check if the oil level oil level is normal; if it is not normal; check the water tank drain valve tightly. If it is closed; should participate in the oil; if it is the gasket breathability; should stop treatment.
When we use NTN bearings; if a person is now at a high temperature; then agile to stop the operation of the equipment; then find out the reason and supply treatment plan; in accordance with the above disposal; but because of different reasons; bearing heat; The same method is handled; so the professor informs us that it should be under certain conditions; with the assistance of the technicians.
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