Analysis on the development prospect of medium and high quality diamond saw blades

Abstract 1. The price of diamond circular saw blades has been paid attention to by the industry experts and entrepreneurs. The diamond circular saw blades are the most used in stone processing, and the products have reached the international advanced level. But the rigidity, toughness and mechanical strength of the saw blade, the saw blade...
First, the price of diamond circular saw blade has a particular price

Diamond circular saw blades, which are valued by industry experts and entrepreneurs, are the most used in stone processing and have the largest number of production and development units. Some products have reached the international advanced level. However, there are still many gaps in the rigidity, toughness and mechanical strength of the saw blade, the accuracy of the saw blade, the dimensional tolerance, and the service life. Among them, the combination saw blade is halfway to use due to problems such as deformation and deviation. Small saw blades require good sharpness, and the cut sheets do not collapse, and many saw blades do not meet the user's requirements.

To produce high quality stone products, high quality saw blades must be used. From a technical point of view, we have this ability. Yichang Black Cyclone Saw Industry Co., Ltd. produces a combined saw blade base that not only meets the needs of domestic users. And 20% of exports. Although the price is slightly higher than the general saw blade base, it is still in short supply, indicating that the high quality saw blade has a market. Of course, some companies are willing to buy saw blades of average quality and low price. Therefore, the saw blade manufacturer should provide high, medium and low grade saw blades for the user's needs, mainly at medium and high-grade saw blades at moderate prices, which is in line with the actual demand of the domestic stone market.

Second, the diamond frame chromium market blank to be filled

The diamond frame saw is the key equipment for processing marble slabs. At present, the use of marble slabs is increasing, and the market is in short supply. However, this "fat" is almost occupied by foreign imports. The reason is that on the one hand, the domestic production of marble slabs is not enough; on the other hand, the quality of diamond frame saws and saw blades produced in China is not good, and they rely on imports for a long time, lacking their own manufacturers. Therefore, the domestic diamond tool industry should seize this market potential, pay attention to the development and production of diamond saw blades, and fill this market gap as soon as possible.

Third, diamond bead saws need to be reformed and innovated

Diamond bead saws include both mining and profiled machining. At present, the research and development of domestic bead saws is progressing slowly. Although some achievements have been made, the overall impression is that the quality of domestically produced beaded saws is unstable, the lifespan is short, and there are many problems such as broken ropes, and maintenance services cannot keep up. And innovation.

Fourth, the special stone processing tool has great potential

With the development of the economy, the market demand for shaped stone is growing, and it is developing rapidly, and there are many types of tools. For the processing of special-shaped stone, all kinds of tools such as sawing, cutting, milling and drilling should be used, with many specifications and complicated structure. At present, most of our products have been produced in China, but they will be further increased and improved in terms of quality, variety and specifications. For small diamond band saws, it has been produced in China for many years, the production quality is basically stable, and there has been a certain amount of exports, which should be promoted and applied. The diamond band saw for ultra-thin plates has yet to be developed and has great market potential.

In short, the 21st century stone industry and the diamond industry have broad prospects. We should build confidence, increase investment in science and technology, and continuously improve and innovate products to adapt to the development of the market and create more brilliant achievements.

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