Anti-leakage and grease bearing features

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Anti-leakage and grease bearing features

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2018-07-11

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The cage for such a bearing is not pre-fabricated and re-installed; instead, the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is mixed with the smooth grease after the bearing is sleeved and the tumbling body is evenly separated; the inner space of the bearing is filled; In this cage, the smooth grease is firmly fixed by the resin information. The chowder is cut, the shackles are shackled, the shackles are stopped, the ash is broken, the squad is smashed, the scorpion馕抟墒 硐氲 硐氲 岢 岢 ..
As a product exclusively developed by NTN; there are two methods for filling the grease: one is a micro-oil supply type; the smooth grease contained in it is the minimum amount necessary for the bearing to be smooth, and the other is a multi-supply type. The cage material (polyethylene and smooth grease mixture) fills the inner space of the bearing. Whether it is a micro-oil supply type, it is still a multi-supply type; its features are:
(1) The leakage of smooth grease is rarely caused by the smooth grease following the heating of the bearing, the increase of centrifugal force, etc., and the nutrients are gradually separated from the cage and supplied to the transformation appearance; therefore, the leakage of smooth grease is rare. Compared with the normal grease smoothing method; Useful to avoid pollution of the surrounding environment.
(2) Excellent smoothing function Even if the violent oscillation or the grand centrifugal force is applied to the bearing; the smooth grease is difficult to leak; the smooth grease will not be emulsified due to the intrusion of moisture; therefore, the smoothing property is superior to the usual smooth grease.
(3) Bearing transformation torque The bearing of the small micro oil supply method has almost no mixing resistance of smooth grease; the bearing transformation torque is small.
(4) Sealing effect This kind of cage has a certain obstructive effect on foreign intrusion (moisture, dust, etc.); however, it is still insufficient as a sealing device; especially for those occasions where the sealing function is particularly demanding; It is necessary to use touch rubber seals (such as deep groove ball bearings, bearing units) or other sealing layout methods.
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