Arc gear pump What are the main purposes?

[Asia Fluid Network News] Circular arc gear pump is used outside the structure of double gear pump. This structure is mainly manifested as a double-arc sinusoidal tooth profile, arc gear pump work is through a pair of intermeshing gear and pump cylinder to the suction chamber and the discharge chamber, these products have been realized in the oil System, widely used in all industrial fields. So what are the main purposes arc gear pump to protect the market demand? Arc gear pump What are the main purposes? Arc gear pump What are the main purposes: 1, in the oil transmission system can be used as transmission, booster pump. 2, in the oil delivery system can be used as transport, pressure, jet fuel pump. 3, in all industrial areas, can be used for lubricating oil pump. Circular arc gear pump is a double arc sinusoidal tooth profile, it is a kind of new technology with the international advanced level, arc gear pump and involute gear compared to the most prominent merit is that the gear meshing process profile No relative sliding, so no wear tooth surface, balanced operation, no sleepy liquid phenomenon, low noise, long life, high efficiency. The pump out of the shackles of the traditional design, making the gear pump in the design, production and use into a new field. With the progress of technology and the needs of the market, arc gear pump for such a new product, although its birth and use of time are not long, but it still achieved very good results, I believe in the future, along with the arc Gear pump to further enhance the circular arc gear pump features and uses will certainly be more diversified. This is not only the urgent needs of the market, but also the arc gear pump survival. This article is copyrighted industry interconnect (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. All are welcome to reprint, please indicate the source and author of: Asian pumps Network (CEO QQ / micro letter: 18,189,528) Editor: Coco (QQ / micro-channel: 97,129,096) starting: http : // (Service Hotline:)

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