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Goebel Coatings Co., Ltd. is an environmentally friendly paint company integrating R & D, production and sales. As an early manufacturer of inorganic coatings in China, it has participated in the formulation of industry standards many times, and it has been at the forefront in terms of production scale and market share. Its products include: Cobalt water-based inorganic interior and exterior wall coatings and silicon fiber anti-cracking putty for interior and exterior walls, water-based inorganic mineral floor coating product series, water-based inorganic mineral anti-rust coating products and water-based negative ion environmental protection coatings and other natural green environmental protection products.


1. The water-based inorganic interior wall paint is non-toxic and pollution-free, is a green and environmentally friendly product, and has rich artistic decoration effects.

2. It can cover the fine cracks of the wall, improve the texture and fullness of the topcoat, and has good anti-mold and anti-algae effects.

3. Excellent water resistance, which can prevent external water penetration from corroding the concrete wall. Has good self-cleaning performance and outdoor durability.

4. The paint film is tough. Lasting, extending the refurbishment period, the color is uniform, and the weather resistance is outstanding.

5. Excellent scrub resistance, can easily clean stains, effectively protect the topcoat from the strong chemical damage of cement.

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Cone crusher widely used in metallurgy, construction, mining and other industries, as a secondary crusher or three, four broken. Hydraulic cone crusher, cone crusher complex, various spring cone crusher wearing parts and accessories are collectively referred to as the cone crusher. Cone crusher main frame structure, the horizontal axis, moving cone, balance wheel, eccentric, on the bowl (fixed cone lining), the broken wall (dynamic cone liner), hydraulic coupling, lubrication system, hydraulic system, the control system composed of several parts, wherein the bowl crushing wall is the most common wear-resistant parts.

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