Biological pesticides: the method used is good, the effect is good

First, plant-derived pesticides

Using plant-derived pesticides to control pests and diseases, as the "Bian Yu see Cai Yigong" said: "Jun has a disease in the ruling, no cure will be deep... In the bone marrow, the command of the affiliation, helpless," Therefore, there are many similarities with Chinese medical law:

1. Early detection and early prevention: Do not think of drugs when the pests are serious, but use them in the early stages of pests and diseases. Because the efficacy of plant-derived pesticides is slower than that of chemical pesticides, the effect will not be seen immediately after administration, but it will be delayed for 2-3 days.

2. Water-repellent after use: In view of the slow effect of botanical pesticides, do not spray water immediately on the balcony vegetables after spraying. The open-air vegetables should avoid rain. If it rains, repeat the medicine after the rain.

3. Use in severe cases: When serious pests and diseases occur, chemical pesticides should be used to reduce the number of pests and diseases as soon as possible, and then use plant-derived pesticides for comprehensive prevention and control.

Second, microbial pesticides

Since microbial-derived pesticides are microorganisms or their metabolites, especially microorganisms are biologically active, the following points should be noted when using:

1. Master the temperature: for example, bacterial biological agents such as Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus licheniformis and Bacillus subtilis, the main active ingredients are protein crystals and living spores, so the temperature requirements are high, when used, the temperature must be Controlled at 20 ° C - 30 ° C, otherwise the propagation rate of spores in the body of the pest is very slow, protein crystals are difficult to play, it is difficult to achieve the best control effect.

2. Grasping humidity: These pesticides are also sensitive to humidity requirements. For example, when spraying bacterial powder, the agent adheres well to the vegetables when the dew is not dry in the morning and evening, and the spores can be rapidly propagated.

3. Avoid glare: For biological pesticides with spores, the ultraviolet rays in the sun have a lethal killing effect. Therefore, after using microbial pesticides, strong light should be avoided to exert the effect of spores.

4. Avoid mixing: Resolutely avoid using with Fungicides , otherwise the number of microorganisms will be seriously reduced, thus affecting the control effect. In addition, the sprayer that has used the bactericide should also be rinsed before using the microbial preparation.

5. Purchase genuine: should be purchased from regular manufacturers or agricultural stores, and pay attention to the date of manufacture, age and preservation of the pharmacy to prevent expiration and failure.

Third, natural enemy creatures

Commonly used in vegetables are heterosexual ladybugs, East Asian florets and Pap blunts. In terms of precautions, it is similar to microbial pesticides. There is only one difference: that is, the use of natural enemies should pay attention to the release time. Different natural enemies have their own time requirements, and strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions.


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