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First of all, the tiles that can be used to make the cabinets are quite stressful. For example, the tiles are thicker than the ordinary ones. Before the production, you should do enough preparations. The corners, inside corners, outside corners, and skipping bricks are all equipped with some Otherwise, it will not work.

Secondly, it is critical to the owner's taste, the height of the house, and the size of the kitchen space. If the floor height is less than 2.7 meters and the kitchen area is less than 7 square meters, it is not suitable to install such kitchen cabinets.

Moreover, such veneer cabinets cannot be arranged like the other kitchen cabinets according to the owner's selection of the cabinet parts, and the entire group can be installed on site, but it is necessary to mud sand and make on-site construction. Therefore, the overall kitchen cabinets with tiles are more commonly found in Western-style kitchens in villas.

Tile kitchen cabinet is very personalized

Considering that the tiles are glued directly to the wooden frame, they may not stick well, so cement mortar is often used to directly form a frame and then tiled above. If you do a kitchen cabinet, you can first apply cement mortar to the surface to enhance the adsorption of the tiles, and then stick the tiles to the top. Of course, you should pay attention to the entire process, and you must stick the tiles. In terms of process management, kitchen cabinet designers should also check the construction progress of the workers on site. For example, in the villa, the jointing will generally stay three to five; the gap between the brick and the brick is checked with the coarse sand, it can show the natural feeling, the style can be unified and so on. In this type of kitchen cabinet, the hand-painted tiles often play the role of finishing touch. If you feel that the monolithic antique tiles appear monotonous, you can use hand-painted tiles or jump-colored tiles to make some jump patterns in other places. Tap to activate the entire space.

Elegant quality requires professional skills

Although tiles are more common in kitchen space, they are used as kitchen cabinets and have the same functions and appearance as an overall kitchen cabinet. Without professional quality products and professional technical support, it is impossible to achieve. If you really like the kitchen cabinets made of ceramic tiles, you should communicate with professional kitchen cabinet designers before decorating, and tell the designer about the kitchen life concept you want to build, and let them design the necessary kitchen cabinets according to actual needs. Frameworks, such as the depth of kitchen cabinets, the setting of work processes, and the number of cabinets and hanging cabinets. In view of the well-equipped kitchen cabinets, there are many functional settings that are not always available to every family. Therefore, in the case of tiled kitchen cabinets, only a few storage drawers and cabinets are selected from the tiled cabinets. You can. After this selective screening, even if the kitchen area is not too large, it can be done very savory. However, it is rare to use full bricks for kitchen cabinets, especially drawers.

In addition, at the same time as the structure, it should be in the cabinet and countertops to leave a corresponding scale of space in order to be able to put the cabinet into. Basins, stoves, appliances in the kitchen can also be made embedded. If the space structure reserved for the drawers should be equipped with guide rails, the control drawer runway should be drilled on the brick wall, and then the entire drawer should be added.

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