Chinese experts successfully developed the first magnet system component of "Artificial Sun"

Chinese experts successfully developed the first magnet system component of "Artificial Sun"

The reporter learned from the Hefei Institute of Physical Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that the first component of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) large-scale superconducting magnet system undertaken by the Institute of Plasma Research has been successfully developed and will be shipped to France to the ITER International Organization.

The ITER project is currently the largest international scientific and technological cooperation project in the world. Its scientific goal is to allow the vast quantities of plutonium and plutonium present in seawater to undergo nuclear fusion under the conditions of high temperatures, like the sun, and provide a steady flow of clean energy to humans. The device is also called "artificial sun."

The magnet feeder system is a key integrated channel for powering, cooling, and providing diagnostic signals for the ITER superconducting magnet system. It is called the lifeline of the ITER master. The system is also one of the most complex systems in ITER components, comprising 31 different feeders, totaling more than 60,000 components, with a total weight of more than 1,600 tons. The successfully developed components are part of this system.

The plasma of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has overcome many technical difficulties and achieved many international leading achievements in the core technologies such as high-temperature superconducting current leads, superconducting joints, low-temperature insulation, and low-temperature high-voltage insulation. The researched and manufactured Wanan-class high-temperature superconducting current leads integrate three advantages of high current-carrying capacity, low-cooling consumption, and long-lost safety time, replacing the original ITER copper current lead design proposed by Japan and other developed countries. The ITER operating costs and construction costs of the cryogenic system have been greatly reduced, and a number of stable world records have been created.

China formally participated in the ITER project in 2006. The ITER task undertaken was 100% localized, and passed the international assessment with excellent performance indicators. The product quality fully met the ITER requirements, progress was among the top seven participating countries, creating a number of one.

Through independent development of key fusion engineering technologies, China has realized the leap from super-conducting materials, cryogenic materials, high-power power supply devices and other technologies and components from scratch, to large-scale production, and to European and American Western developed countries. At present, China's international market share of low-temperature superconducting materials and high-temperature superconducting current leads has reached 60% and 100%, respectively, and related technologies have also been promoted and applied in the domestic industry to promote the vigorous development of domestic high-tech enterprises. (â–¡Reporter Yang Dingmin)

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