Chongqing Research Institute made progress in the application of forward osmosis membrane technology

Recently, the Membrane Technology and Application Engineering Center of the Chongqing Institute of Green Intelligent Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has made progress in the application of forward osmosis membrane technology in landfill leachate treatment. The relevant research results are respectively based on the A novel forward osmosis system in landfill leachate treatment forremoving polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and for direct fertigation, and the Toxicological characterization of a novel wastewater treatment process using EDTA-Na2Zn as draw solution (DS) for the efficienttreatment of MBR-treated landfill leachate. The title was published in the international academic journal Chemosphere.

Landfill leachate contains high concentrations of heavy metals, ammonia nitrogen, COD, and BOD, which are hazardous and difficult to handle. The existing treatment processes such as UF, NF, MBR, RO, etc. have low recovery rates, serious membrane fouling, high costs, and large operating energy consumption. The study selected forward osmosis membrane technology that does not require external driving force to treat landfill leachate. The recovery efficiencies of two types of ammonium bicarbonate and sodium EDTA extraction solutions were studied, and the extraction of different extract concentrations, flow rates, and membrane orientation was analyzed. Flux and membrane contamination. The study found that the recovery rate of more than 90%; membrane contamination is easy to clean; run without external drive, reduce operating energy consumption; after the use of extract liquid can be recycled under low-energy conditions and reuse, greatly reducing treatment costs. The research results provide data foundation and theoretical basis for the application of forward osmosis membrane technology in the sewage treatment process.

Changes in recovery flux of different membrane orientations

Membrane fouling of different treatment processes

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