Counterattack begins! China sues US anti-dumping on Chinese saw blades

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced on the 3rd that at 4 o'clock in the afternoon of Beijing time (9:00 am local time in Geneva), China officially prosecuted 13 anti-dumping measures against Chinese products in the past few years through the WTO dispute settlement mechanism.

The reporter noted that there are 13 products involved in this case, including industrial products such as oil well pipes, aluminum extrusion materials, diamond saw blades, new energy products such as solar cells (boards), and agricultural products such as warm water shrimp. Based on the amount of US exports in the year before the final ruling of 13 product anti-dumping investigations, the annual export value of Chinese companies involved reached US$8.4 billion.

According to the Ministry of Commerce, in the process of adopting anti-dumping measures, the US Department of Commerce has misapplied the target dumping method, refused to give export enterprises a separate tax rate, and miscalculated the unfavorable facts and other practices that do not conform to the WTO rules, causing great problems for Chinese companies. Interfered with the development of bilateral normal trade.

Yang Guohua, deputy director of the Department of Treaty and Law of the Ministry of Commerce, pointed out that at present, the world economy has shown signs of stabilization and recovery, but it is still very fragile. Therefore, the task of opposing trade protectionism, observing WTO rules, and promoting international economic growth is still very arduous.

Yang Guohua emphasized that the above-mentioned practice of the US Department of Commerce is an abuse of trade remedy rules and violates the WTO rules. It is hoped that through consultations under the WTO dispute settlement mechanism, the US Department of Commerce can correct wrong practices in a timely manner and create a favorable environment for international trade.

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Store in a cool, ventilated storeroom. Stay away from fire and heat. Keep the container seal. It should be kept separately from oxidants and alkaloids. Equipped with the corresponding variety and quantity of fire equipment. The storage area should be equipped with appropriate material collection and leakage.

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