Deep analysis of the factors behind the re-warming of sapphire substrates

In 2011, the sapphire substrate set off a wave of investment. Overheated investment led to overcapacity. The price of sapphire substrates fell and fell, and many companies were suffering. The situation of oversupply in May 2013 has not improved significantly, and some experts predict that LED sapphire substrates will continue to be oversupplied. However, the recent call for sapphire substrate heating up is getting higher and higher. What causes the sapphire substrate to turn around?

The reason for the warming up is one: the iPhone5S uses sapphire twice.

In 2013, Sapphire was secondly adopted by Apple's iPhone 5S. At the beginning of the year, Apple's iPhone5 camera adopted sapphire material, and extended the fingerprint of the HOME button to make the sapphire material price turn over. After the price stabilized at the end of last year, the price has been going month by month. Rise. The industry said that with the hot sale of Apple's mobile phone, coupled with the increase in demand for LED lighting, in the past, because the price is low, the industry is not actively expanding production, there may be LED and iPhone grab sapphire production capacity, in addition, because the sapphire substrate required by Apple is double The throwing film, the two-side polishing process is equivalent to 2 times the production capacity, and the physical characteristics of the sapphire HOME button are different. It has become the test of the production capacity and technology of the sapphire industry, so that the price of the HOME key substrate shipped to Apple is higher than that of the general polishing film. .

The cause of the rebound is the second reason: grab the non-LED market application

LED application products, consumer electronics is also an important channel for the consumption of sapphire materials, such as SOS, window, handheld devices, etc., looking forward to the rise of non-LED applications to reduce production capacity. In the future, in addition to camera protection lenses, if the protective glass of smart phones is also replaced with sapphire materials, it is expected to create a considerable market demand, and the sapphire substrate industry may once again be in short supply. However, some insiders expressed concern that the dependence of mobile phone screens, cameras and other devices on sapphire substrate materials is not just needed, and soon there will be cheaper, simpler alternative materials.

The reason for the signs of recovery is three: the golden age of LED market development is coming soon

According to domestic and foreign experts, the next three to five years will be the "golden period" for the rapid growth of the LED lighting industry. With the sharp increase in demand for LED downstream lighting and other applications, the demand for sapphire substrates is growing rapidly, and the sapphire manufacturers are moving. Rapid improvement, some manufacturers even have a busy situation in short supply, and many large sapphire companies have begun to expand production capacity. With the rising demand for sapphire in the Chinese market, China's domestic sapphire companies have developed rapidly, and the global sapphire competition pattern has changed.

Finally, due to the bleak competition in the past few years, LED sapphire substrate companies have not much left, and now the signs of recovery are undoubted, if it is expected, smart phones, writing equipment and other LED lighting applications to compete for the sapphire substrate market, then In the near future, oversupply will be designed to be in short supply.

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