Energy-saving welding equipment - integrated spot welding tongs

In the equipment of the body welding shop, the hanging spot welder is the welding equipment with the largest amount and great influence on the process. A well-selected and excellent performance of the welding tongs can not only greatly reduce the labor and maintenance costs of the operators, improve production efficiency, but also better ensure the quality of the welding points and improve the performance of the vehicle. Therefore, the selection of the welding tongs is very important to the process of the welding shop. In this paper, the selection and comparison of this equipment are analyzed and compared with the actual application of the welding shop of our company.

Comparison of hanging spot welding tongs

At present, most automobile manufacturers and related supporting sheet metal parts manufacturers use hanging spot welding machines and split welding tongs. There are two basic forms of hanging spot welder welding tongs: one-piece and split (see Figure 1).

The integrated welding tongs combine the welding transformer with the welding tongs, without the costly, high-impedance and bulky welding cables. This type of machine reduces the weight by about 70% compared to the split type suspension spot welder. By means of the balancer, the welder can be moved anywhere in the work space, and the welder itself can be rotated 360° in any direction, either vertically or horizontally. The welding system is simple and light, and the operation is light and flexible, enabling all-position welding. The welding arm and the electrode for generating the welding current are mounted on the main body by the plug structure, and are easy to be disassembled and replaced. Therefore, the welding arms and electrodes of different shapes and different lengths can be used interchangeably on the same welding machine to realize multi-purpose use of one machine. As the welding circuit is reduced, the welding machine welding capacity is improved. Compared with the hanging spot welding machine, the electric energy can be saved by more than 75%, and the water and gas consumption can be reduced, and the truss structure of the suspension welding machine can be simplified, and the supporting equipment can be saved.

图1 悬挂点焊机焊钳的基本形式
Figure 1 Basic form of hanging spot welding machine welding tongs

The disadvantages of split welding tongs are long welding circuit, high impedance, low power factor and high power loss. At the same time, water-passed welding cables are frequently distorted under high current conditions, making water-passing welding cables the main ones of such welding machines. Consumables."

The integrated welding tongs are an important and irreplaceable welding equipment in many welding processes, and have significant advantages compared with the split welding tongs.

1. Less power consumption

With the development of domestic industry, power shortages have become increasingly prominent, so the power consumption indicators are becoming more and more important.

Since the external conditions such as welding specifications and welding tongs are variable, it is necessary to give certain external conditions to compare the power consumption. On the basis of comparison, the comparison conditions are set as follows: welding current 10 000 A, welding time 10 cycles, The welding tongs are 250mm × 200mm.

In the constant current welding circuit in which the welding conditions are set, the actual welding power is determined by the shape of the welding tongs, the cable loss, and the state of the workpiece, provided that the output of the welding machine can meet the requirements.

Under the welding conditions of 10 000 A and 10 cycles, the power consumption of the split and integrated welding tongs is compared by the formula: power = UI = I2RT (see attached table).

Comparison of power consumption between split and integrated welding tongs

The total electricity consumption of the welding shop of Jianghuai Commercial Vehicle Company from January to June 2013 was about 1.8 million kW·h. If 80% of the total electricity consumption is used for resistance welding, the electric power for electric resistance welding is 1.44 million kW·h. If it can save 3/4, it is 1.08 million kW·h, calculated according to the average price of 0.5 yuan. Save 540,000 yuan.

2. Advanced and economical

1) Integrated welding tongs Because the welding tongs and the transformer are connected as a whole, the water-passing cable of the past split-mounted welding tongs is eliminated, thereby greatly shortening the secondary circuit of the welding machine and reducing the impedance of the secondary circuit. A small transformer can also be comparable to a transformer of a large split welder, saving energy and reducing the cost of producing the product.

2) Since the integrated welding tongs do not have a water-passing cable, the user can avoid maintenance and replacement of the water-passing cable during use, thereby reducing the maintenance cost of the enterprise.

3) The connection mode of the split welding tongs through the water cable allows the worker to have a strong magnetic field to pass through the human body during operation. The test proves that the strong magnetic field is quite harmful to the human body. The integrated welding tongs are integrated with the welding tongs and the workers are at the edge of the strong magnetic field during operation. Therefore, the integrated welding tongs are harmless to the human body.

4) Due to the compact structure of the integrated welding tongs, small size and light weight, the requirements on the power grid are low, and the user can simplify the design of the production site and the power distribution of the workshop, thereby reducing the fixed input cost of the enterprise.

5) The welding clamp interface design of the integrated welding tongs is easy to disassemble, and the versatility of the whole machine is strong. If there is a failure when using it on the assembly line, the maintenance or replacement speed is fast, thus shortening the production stoppage time of the enterprise.

Application situation of welding shop in the third factory of passenger car

The welding shop of the third plant of the passenger car uses 96 integrated welding tongs, which are provided for the famous welding machine welding tongs factory. Figure 2 shows the welding tongs actually used in the workshop.

图2 一体式焊钳
Figure 2 integrated welding tongs

The integrated spot welder consists of welding tongs, welder transformers, welder controllers, water cooling systems and pneumatic pressurization systems. It is compact in structure, easy to maintain and small in size, reducing the labor intensity of workers. Moreover, the electrode arm of the integrated spot welding machine is made of high-quality chrome-zirconium copper, which ensures the stability of the welding performance, the service life of the welding machine and the strength of the electrode arm.

From the overall use effect, the integrated welding tongs achieve the purpose of energy saving. The power consumption of each welding tong is reduced from 150kVA to 45kVA, saving 2/3 of energy.

However, the weight of the integrated welding tongs is large, so it also brings the problem of manual operation, but it has been basically used freely by the increase of the operator's proficiency and the adjustment of the suspension balancer.


In the selection of hanging spot welding tongs, almost all integrated spot welders are used in Europe. Although the investment is large, its economical use is much better than that of the split welder. After practice, the integrated spot welder is energy-saving, safe and reliable.

Therefore, in the promotion of energy saving, environmental protection, and in the future, the integrated spot welding machine shows significant economic benefits with its huge advantages in terms of performance, operation performance, safety, occupational health, energy saving and economy. And social benefits. I believe that in the near future, the split welding tongs will be replaced.

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