Four kinds of home taboos decorated with glass

With the continuous renovation of the home trend, young people who have recently pursued fashion like to add glass elements to the home decoration, from the entry glass entrance, to the glass floor tiles in the living room, to the glass toilet in the master bedroom. Glass plays an increasingly important role in home decoration. What kind of metaphysical significance does glass have in Feng Shui?

Pattern 1 The glass partition is not suitable

Some families removed the partition wall between the bedroom and the living room and replaced it with a glass wall, which was believed to be helpful for expanding the sense of space. Feng Shui believes that glass has a mysterious light, which is not suitable everywhere, and more attention should be paid to the home. Like the glass partition wall between the living room and the bedroom, it is not suitable because it can disturb people's thinking because of the unobstructed view.

From the perspective of feng shui, the living room is a guest activity area, which belongs to the sun, and the bedroom is the host ’s resting place, which belongs to the yin. If it is a glass wall, it becomes a sight-seeing pattern. Without privacy, a yin and yang imbalance is formed, which makes people emotionally unstable and trance.

Pattern 2 The glass toilet is indecent

Some young couples just got married and like to change the bathroom in the master bedroom into a glass toilet, which is thought to increase the fun. For this pattern, although some young people can accept this design, it is also not suitable from the perspective of feng shui, because the toilet is a shabby place no matter what, it is cloudy and should be hidden, so use solid walls, Instead of using transparent glass walls.

Pattern 3 Unstable glass floor tiles

In the design of some luxury bungalows or duplex villas, some will use glass floor tiles as decoration, which is to lay glass floor tiles on the floor in the hall or room and make patterns in them for decoration. Because the glass is transparent, it can not give people the feeling of "down to earth", so it will make people feel insecure. The floor in the hall or room must be stable, so the glass floor tiles are not suitable for use at home.

Pattern 4 Glass wall decoration can not be on the bed

Glass wall decoration is also a decoration technique that designers like to use recently, one can increase the sense of space in the house, and the other is rich in change, often giving people surprises. Glass wall decoration is acceptable, but there is a principle that is not suitable for the bed. In addition, the glass wall decoration must be placed against the solid wall, so as not to make the space unrealistic. Professor Ye finally said that in short, the glass decoration in the home should not be too much. How to use it specifically, different room structures have different opinions.

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