Gastrodia elata

1. New technology

The new method acquires new strains. The new method is to use the latest biotechnology to detoxify the strains, which is by far the most advanced method for obtaining strains. The traditional honey fungus species, the best effect is the tissue separation or spore separation obtained, the general unit or individual is mostly using the purchased parent species for expansion, so the cultivation effect is not good. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
2, new strains Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
The requirement is a purely isolated strain within three generations. The purely isolated strains referred to herein refer to the honey fungus species that have been detoxified by the latest biotechnology; the third generation, which refers to the detoxified first-generation honey fungus species, is only subcultured once, which is used to make secondary species. , three grades, no longer continue to expand. Traditional honey fungus species are not detoxified, and they are continuously expanded due to the number of needs, and some even have unlimited transfer culture, which makes the vigor of the strains decline, and the characteristics of the strains are degraded. It is inevitable that the mycelial fungus can not meet the needs of the growth of gastrodia elata, and the cultivation results can be imagined. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
3, new fungus Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
For the cultivation of the fungi, the eucalyptus of the year and the honeysucking species treated with detoxification should be used. After the inoculation, the hyphae can be deepened into the xylem of the eucalyptus under the skin for about 4 months. On the surface, the bark is firm. There is no shedding phenomenon, chopping open examination, and the subcutaneous hyphae are dense, indicating that the cultivation is successful, and the cultivation can be carried out; when the honey fungus species and the segment wood are directly used for cultivation, the amount of the strain is slightly larger and the effect is the same. It should be noted that Duanmu should be a broad-leaved tree species. Tree species such as pine, cedar, cypress, and alfalfa cannot be used. Try not to use soft trees such as poplar and paulownia. After using the fungus for one year, you can use the mycelium at intervals. Do not use it directly as a cultivation material. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
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