Glazed tiles can be used in this way

【 Ceramic facing materials-glazed tiles 】 

Glazed tiles are bricks whose surfaces have been glazed to increase the beauty of the tiles and have a good antifouling effect.

There are many advantages of glazed tiles

ü glazed colors rich patterns, specifications and more polished than the rich colors and patterns.

ü glazed surface strength will be much larger, as a dual-wall and floor. Compared with vitrified tiles, the biggest advantage of glazed tiles is that they are anti-seepage, not afraid of dirt, and have very good slip resistance.

üThe toughness is very good, basically no breakage and other phenomena.

There are actually many disadvantages

ØThe surface is glaze, the abrasion resistance is not as good as polished tiles.

ØDuring the firing process, pinholes, cracks, bends, water ripple spots on the glaze with color difference, etc. can be seen.

ØThe water absorption rate is subject to the firing process. Good quality bricks have high compaction density, high firing temperature and good porcelainization, so the water absorption rate is also small.

【 Ceramic facing materials-full polished glaze 】 

Full-polished glaze is a special formula glaze that can be polished on the glaze surface. The glaze surface is as smooth and clean as a polished tile. At the same time, its glaze surface has rich patterns and thick or gorgeous colors.

Compared with polished tiles, fully polished glaze products are richer in design and color. After the ceramic tiles are fired at high temperature, the coloring texture of the pattern is the dialysis color, the special coloring texture that is visible and intangible, the color is bright, the color variety is diverse, and the texture is natural.

【 Ceramic Facing Material-Whole Body Brick 】 

Whole body brick: It is the brick that is not glazed, the material and color of the front and back sides are the same.


üGood wear resistance and slip resistance

üCompared with glazed tiles, the colors are simpler and simpler

ü Suitable for outdoor areas

üThere are pores on the surface, and pollution is difficult to remove

【 Ceramic facing materials-polished tiles 】 

Polished tiles are bricks that are polished and polished from the whole body. Compared with full-body tiles, polished tiles have a smoother appearance and a hard and wear-resistant texture. Various imitated stone and wood-like effects can be made through the oozing technique. High-quality polished tiles will increase the anti-fouling layer.

Features of polished tiles:

üHigh hardness and good wear resistance

ü High bending strength

üThe brick body is thin and light in weight

ü Poor anti-fouling ability

【 Ceramic facing materials-vitrified brick 】 

Vitrified bricks are also called vitrified fossils and fully vitrified fossils. Vitrified tile is the common name of porcelain polished tile. It is a kind of bright tile and strengthened polished tile made by polishing the surface of the whole brick body. The water absorption rate lower than 0.5% is called vitrified brick, and the water absorption rate higher than 0.5% is a polished brick.

【 Ceramic facing materials-mosaic 】 

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