Global bioplastics production will increase to 2.44 million tons in 2022

HC Plastics News: European bioplastics said that global bioplastics capacity will increase from about 2.05 million tons in 2017 to about 2.44 million tons in 2022, and biopolymers such as polylactic acid (PLA) and polyhydroxyalkanoates ( PHA) fastest growth

Prior to this, the company's environmental association affairs director ConstanceIssbruecker once said that global bioplastics production capacity is expected to reach 6.1 million tons by 2021, which is a big gap from this forecast.

Francois deBie, chairman of European Bioplastics, said on Wednesday: "The global bioplastics market is expected to grow by 20% in the next five years. The government's support and environmental awareness will have a positive impact on the expansion of the bioplastics market."

In 2017, approximately 56% of bioplastics in the world produced bio-based plastics but not biodegradable plastics, including bio-based polyethylene, bio-based polyethylene terephthalate and bio-based polyamides.

Packaging remains the largest application area for bioplastics, with nearly 60% (1.2 million tons) in 2017. Asia is a major producer of bioplastics and currently has a market share of over 50%. Europe accounts for 20% of production, but by 2022 this proportion will rise to 25%.

"Bioplastics will gradually meet the needs of the market in the days to come, because many chemical companies have invested a lot of money and energy to develop bio-based products for the circular economy."

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