Green printing is the development direction of the packaging industry

Professor Xu Wencai of the Beijing Institute of Printing, the so-called green printing, uses the printing methods of environmentally friendly materials and processes to conserve resources, energy, ecological environment, and human health. The typical green printing processes currently used are flexographic printing, digital printing, and green post-printing techniques—solventless compounding and coating.

Food packaging, as the "close-fitting clothing" of food, its safety in raw and auxiliary materials, production processes, etc., directly affects the quality of food, and then has an impact on human health. The improper use of packaging materials, illegal addition of banned auxiliaries, the use of benzene solvents for printing, and the status quo of food packaging after the use of discarded food have caused serious pollution to the environment, all urge that the development of modern food packaging must be more environmentally friendly and safer. Green packaging means that packaging materials and products are harmless to the human body and the environment during the production, use, and recycling processes, and packaging waste can be recycled and recycled or appropriately degraded. Green packaging takes the environment and resources as the core. It not only considers the quality, function, life and cost of packaging, but also considers the impact of packaging on the environment from the production of raw materials to the processing and use of packaging products and the recycling and use of waste. . The packaging industry must develop “innovative packaging, creative packaging, and green packaging” to reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), control the migration of chemicals that remain in packaging materials and containers, and move foods and medicines that are packaged into foods. The quality and level of packaging for beverages, pharmaceuticals, machinery, electronics and Other products will enhance the competitiveness of export products in the international market.

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