How easy is the bathroom cabinet to be damp?

Today, bathroom cabinets that combine the functions of grooming, storage and decoration are becoming more and more popular. The bathroom cabinets are mostly made of wood materials. Many of the owner's bathroom cabinets can't stand the tidal test of the bathroom. The cabinets are moldy and deformed, and the drawers and cabinet doors cannot be opened. Experts reminded that when purchasing bathroom cabinets, in addition to waterproof materials used in the cabinet, dry and wet separation should be done for the bathroom, or the cabinet should be used to prevent the cabinet from absorbing the moisture on the ground.


Difficult to block moisture, bathroom cabinets are more "short-lived"

“When I bought a wooden bathroom cabinet, I felt that it was of a high grade, and it was beautiful. The salesperson also guaranteed that it would not be moldy or deformed within a few years. After more than two years, the cabinet and the door panel grew many black mold. At the point, there are problems with drums and curling on both sides." Mr. Wei, who lives in a certain district of Xingguang Avenue in Nanning, consulted. Most of the bathroom cabinets on the market are made of wood. How can we avoid the deformation of the bathroom cabinet?

In the bathroom cabinet problem, Ms. Zheng also has two drawers in her bathroom cabinet, which are rarely used and are always closed. After staying for more than half a year, she recently found that both drawers could not be opened. As a result, the drawer panel was peeled off and the drawer was still in the cabinet. The original roller and metal track of the drawer have been corroded, and the two are firmly glued together.

Liu Guangkun, a home improvement supervisor who has been working for many years, said that the bathroom cabinets are mostly made of wood. Due to the poor moisture resistance of the cabinet plate and the decoration of the bathroom by the owner, the environment of the bathroom cabinet is not considered, resulting in long-term water immersion in the cabinet, resulting in a "short-lived" phenomenon.


Bathroom decoration is best wet and dry separation

The wooden bathroom cabinet has higher requirements on the bathroom environment, that is, dry and wet separation - the shower room and other areas are required to be separated, the water of the shower does not splash around, and the space outside the shower is kept dry, so that various styles and materials can be easily selected. Bathroom cabinet. For the average family, the bathroom cabinet is best to choose the wall-mounted type, the cabinet legs are higher or with wheels, which can effectively isolate the ground moisture.

The placement of the bathroom cabinet is closely related to the bathroom area. The large space should be large and appropriate, and the small space should have all functions, but it is still convenient to use. In the large bathroom, different types of bathroom cabinets can be placed according to the user's functional requirements and aesthetic requirements. Various toiletries, cleaning products and clothes are placed in different categories. In addition, it can be classified according to family members, so that each person has an independent storage space to make the user more convenient and sanitary.

Ordinary household bathrooms are generally only a few square meters, it is difficult to achieve wet and dry partitions, so when purchasing bathroom cabinets, you can choose to buy moisture-proof, mildew-proof composite panels as countertop materials, which not only have good moisture resistance. Sex, can also simulate the color of solid wood, compared to the wooden bathroom cabinet is also beautiful. In addition, the merchant can be required to install a rubber strip with anti-collision function in the place where the cabinet body is in contact with the cabinet door, which not only avoids the noise of the switch, but also has better sealing performance and can effectively block the invasion of moisture.

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