How long can a simple renovated house be accommodated? What do you do in advance?

People will start to decorate soon after buying a house. After the renovation, there are actually many harmful gases in the air. We try not to stay as soon as possible. Some friends think that it only takes a month to dry and ventilate. This is not a good idea. In fact, some harmful substances will be blown away after ventilation, but there are also many harmful gases, and the harm to us is still relatively large. If you move in at this time, it will cause great harm to our body; simple renovated house How long can I stay ? Let's take a look at the decoration home network.


How long can a simple renovated house be accommodated:

First of all, normal people need to stay after three months. The newly renovated house should be ventilated frequently after the renovation. This period of time is still necessary. Some harmful substances such as formaldehyde in the decoration materials are slowly released. The same as the principle of infiltration, the lower the concentration of harmful substances in the air, the faster the release of harmful substances in the material, so frequent ventilation will accelerate the release of harmful substances, and then exist, but only released A relatively small amount, you can stay at this time.

Second, if pregnant women want to stay in a new house, it is best to be around four months. After all, the pregnant woman's body is relatively fragile. If the grasp is not good, the impact will be very large, which may affect the growth of the fetus. Check the house for a harmful gas to see if there is any excess, and put some aloe or activated carbon in the space to absorb the toxic substances in the air. For some pregnant friends, be sure to pay attention.

Third, how long can a simple renovated house be accommodated? It is best for children to stay in a new house for about five months, because the development of children's body is not perfect, and some harmful substances are not enough for them. Perfect, it is still very easy to have some diseases, the malignant influence is relatively large, and the resistance is not strong enough; therefore, it is recommended that everyone use air purifiers at home, which will greatly help children's health.

If you want to stay in a new house, you must make preparations in advance to ensure that everyone is healthy after the stay and will not be affected by harmful substances.

First of all, you can plant some green plants, the effect of purifying the air is still very good, such as some spider orchids or tigertail orchids and plants such as monstera or aloe vera, their effect of removing harmful gases is good, and can beautify the furniture to some extent. surroundings. Studies have shown that these green plants can filter nearly 80% of the harmful gases in the room and have a strong ability to absorb toxic substances.

Secondly, we can put some activated carbon in the house, open the window and then vent the formaldehyde to the outside, and then the effect is still very good. Some activated carbon bags and so on are very effective. Some high-quality activated carbon is used for a while. Can be updated, in some cabinets and other places can put some activated carbon charcoal package, the final effect of removing formaldehyde is still very good.


Finally, we can often open the window ventilation, the house should be cleaned to remove formaldehyde and odor. First of all, we must pay attention to window ventilation. This step is very important. To improve the ventilation effect, we must consider all aspects of detail. It is best to have air flow. How long can a simple renovated house be accommodated, as long as possible, which will be healthier and can be done in about five months.

The above is all the contents of the simple decoration house that Xiaobian can bring you. I believe that after reading this article, I have a basic understanding of how long the simple decoration house can stay, if you want to know more about decoration consultation. , please click to enter the decoration encyclopedia section.

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