How to design a small duplex decoration

The exquisite fashion of the small duplex has become the choice of many consumers. Before the small duplex renovation , how should we design it? During the renovation process, what places should we pay attention to? Next Xiao Bian will give you a brief introduction about the small complex decoration. How to design and decorate matters.

How to design a small duplex decoration

1. Compared with ordinary flat-bed dwellings, the first floor of a double-storey building is generally a large-pass room type. We need to make reasonable planning and layout for the space on the first floor. When distinguishing different functional areas, we do not necessarily choose Made of compartments, you can also use partitions, decorations and other ways to distinguish.

2, small duplex living room is more suitable for fresh, simple style, living room color can choose a bright light color system, as for furniture, you can choose more suitable for small units of light furniture or functional furniture, modeling the main simplicity.

3, the general small duplex bedroom for the choice on the second floor, so that the privacy of the bedroom is better, we have to choose the best sound insulation performance decoration materials, such as carpet with sound-absorbing function, because the second floor space comparison Small, we can choose to have a storage function bed, so you can save a lot of space, the bedroom's main color can choose beige and other soft colors, it is best not to choose dark colors.

4. The selection of open or closed kitchens in small multi-level kitchens is mainly based on the living habits of the owners. If the owners prefer Western foods, we can make open kitchens. If we want to make them closed, we should design them as U or L type.

5. Of course, small penthouses are also indispensable to the staircases. We can choose to make ladders or ladders with a small footprint, or they can also be made into stairs with storage functions. The springboard of stairs should be rounded and the width of the railings should not be suitable. is too big.

Second, the major issues of small duplex decoration

1. Stairs

The small multi-staircase should be made of solid materials. When designing the stairs, we must not only consider the beauty, but also pay attention to its safety. For example, is the stair installation firm? The width of the railings will not be too large, and the ladder surface will not be too smooth and easy. Falls and so on.

2, decoration

The small compound is not suitable for decoration and should not be too colorful. It should be consistent with the overall decoration. Some people also like to place potted plants in the room, but the plants can not be too much, otherwise it is easy to cause our eyestrain. When choosing a decorative painting, it is best not to choose oil paintings, because of the deep color pigments, its metal content is also more.

3, electric box

It is better to set up the distribution box for the small multi-layered layer, which is more conducive to our electricity safety. If we directly install the bottom layer of the cable to the upper layer, the electrical loss will be greater.

Xiao Bian concludes: How to design and decorate the small duplex decoration is introduced here. I hope that after reading this article, I can provide you with reference and help.

Small duplex decoration

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