How to design the Chinese decoration of the villa

The Chinese style originates from China. This style of decoration can bring people temperamental enjoyment, and it is deeply loved by the public. In recent years, the villa has gradually begun to popular Chinese style decoration. So, how to design the Chinese decoration of the villa ? What are the characteristics of the Chinese decoration? Let's take a look at it with the editor.

How to design the Chinese decoration of the villa

1. The Chinese-style decoration of the villa is mainly made of wood materials. This style is more about carving and painting. Its style is more elegant, and the furniture is about symmetrical decoration. The most commonly used embellishments are calligraphy, painting, scrolls, antiques, etc. The interior is full of the smell of books. The interior design of the Chinese-style villa combines dignity and elegance. It has the characteristics of simplicity, symmetry and strong culture.

2. The design of Chinese-style villas is very particular about the level of indoor space. The most commonly used partitions and screens are used to separate the space. The screens are painted in wood or gold paint. The fans need to be customized, usually made of solid wood. If the indoor space is large, it is recommended to make a moon-door type falling fan to become the most eye-catching scenic spot in the room.

4. Chinese-style villas are very symmetrical about the placement of furniture, and they also pay great attention to cultural connotations. They can be embellished with objects such as calligraphy and painting, plaques, screens, etc., which can highlight the owner's taste.

5. Chinese style villas use strong and deep colors for interior decoration. For example, dark purple or red close to black will be used on the wall, and dark floors will be used to decorate the ground and the wall. It can highlight the elegant characteristics of Chinese style.

What are the characteristics of Chinese decoration

1. Chinese-style decoration has a strong traditional Chinese taste. It usually uses a strong oriental beauty, which is not available in other styles, and this kind of personalized decoration will not be outdated.

2. The very obvious feature in Chinese decoration is that the space layering is very obvious. Screens, wooden doors and other objects are often used to partition the space, and then combined with some Chinese elements, the Chinese atmosphere of the entire space becomes more obvious.

Summary of the article: The above is a relevant introduction about how to design the Chinese decoration of the villa and what characteristics of the Chinese decoration, I hope to help you. The decoration of the Chinese-style villa is not as simple as imagined. In addition to paying attention to the overall atmosphere, every detail needs to be considered.

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