In 2012, China's 730 kinds of goods import and export tariffs will be partially adjusted

In order to thoroughly implement the scientific development concept, further strengthen and improve macroeconomic regulation and control, enhance the pertinence, flexibility and forward-looking of tariff policies, and promote economic restructuring and economic development mode transformation, the State Council Customs Tariff Commission will review and report to the State Council for approval. Since January 1, 2012, China's import and export tariffs will be partially adjusted. In 2012, we continued to implement tariff quota management on imports of three kinds of agricultural products such as wheat and urea, and imposed a 1% provisional quota rate on three kinds of fertilizers such as urea. The import of a certain amount of cotton for tariffs will continue to implement a sliding tax, and the sliding tax formula will be appropriately adjusted. The effect is that the higher the import price, the lower the applicable tax rate. Continue to implement specific or compound tax on 52 kinds of products such as frozen chicken. In order to actively expand imports and meet domestic economic and social development and consumer demand, in 2012 China will implement a lower import provisional tax rate for more than 730 commodities, with an average tax rate of 4.4%, which is 50% lower than the MFN tariff rate. These commodities are mainly divided into five categories, one is energy resource products, including coal, coke, refined oil, marble, granite, natural rubber, rare earth, copper, aluminum, nickel, etc.; the second is to develop high-end equipment manufacturing, new generation information technology Key equipment and components required for strategic emerging industries such as new energy vehicles, including air jet looms, turboshaft aero engines, high-voltage transmission lines, camera components for mobile phones, high-definition cameras, and key molds for car body stampings; The third is agricultural production materials, including high-powered tractors, large-scale harvesters, dairy processing machines, seed whales, pesticide raw materials, fertilizers, animal feed, etc.; fourth, daily necessities for promoting consumption and improving people's livelihood, including frozen marine fish, special formula Infant milk powder, baby food, skin care products, perm, tableware, kitchen utensils, etc.; five are public health related products, including vaccines, serum, cochlear implants, X-ray films, etc. In addition, in order to promote the great prosperity and development of the socialist cultural undertakings and meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the people, in 2012, the import tariff rate for digital cinema projectors, original paintings and original sculptures was added. In order to expand multilateral and bilateral economic and trade cooperation and promote better and faster regional economic integration, in accordance with the free trade agreements or preferential tariff agreements signed with relevant countries or regions, in 2012 China will continue to be native to ASEAN countries, Chile, Pakistan, Some imported products from New Zealand, Peru, Costa Rica, South Korea, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other countries implement the agreed tax rate, and the product range will be further expanded, and the tax rate will be further reduced. Under the framework of the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement between the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macao, zero tariffs will be imposed on products originating in Hong Kong and Macao and having established preferential standards of origin. According to the cross-strait economic cooperation framework agreement, the treaty rate including zero tariffs will be implemented for some products originating in Taiwan. Continue to impose preferential tax rates on some products originating in 40 least developed countries such as Laos, Sudan and Yemen. In order to promote sustainable economic development and promote the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, in 2012, China continued to impose export tariffs on “two high and one capital” products such as coal, crude oil, chemical fertilizers and ferroalloys in the form of provisional tax rates. In 2012, the import and export tariffs were revised in accordance with the unified regulations of the World Customs Organization. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of economic and social development, scientific and technological progress, strengthening import and export management and responding to international trade disputes, flexible printing plates and stacking materials were added. Mechanical, vascular stents, wireless headphones and other tax items. After the adjustment, the total number of import and export tax items in China in 2012 will increase from 7,797 in 2011 to 8,194.

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