In 2013, the wind power industry saw a clearing trend

Photovoltaic heavy support policies have been intensively introduced in recent months, and the market’s expectations for wind power policies have been strengthened. At present, the National Energy Administration is formulating “Some Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of the Wind Power Industry” and is expected to introduce it at the end of the year. This policy will accelerate the realization of the “12th Five-Year” wind power development goals, and if the support efforts exceed the expectations, it will bring policy themes opportunities to the sector. Before the market paid little attention to wind power, expectations for policies were not high, and the possibility of over-expectation of policies at the end of the year was more likely. This round of advances reflected some expectations in advance.

In 2013, the wind power industry saw a clear trend of bottoming out, and it is expected that the growth rate of new installed capacity will increase by 10% to 35%. At the same time, wind power clean heating promoted in the Three North region will improve the wind power grid-connected bottleneck. It is expected that the additional increase in renewable energy will also ensure that subsidies funds are put in place in time. . With the demand market recovering, capacity utilization increased to dilute fixed costs, wind turbine prices bottomed out and stabilized, slightly improved gross margins, and double rises in revenue and gross profit margin led to a recovery in performance. In 2013, the performance of the majority of listed wind power company listed companies improved significantly year-on-year (such as Goldwind's net profit of 28.6% and Hunan Electric's net profit of 219.7%), which further strengthened the certainty of wind power warming trend.

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