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Now that prices are skyrocketing, house prices are rising all the way. Let most of us move forward with weight, and the house we finally bought is not only the eaves sheltering from the wind and rain, but also the harbor where our hearts inhabit. In countless days and nights, carrying our laughter and tears. For this exclusive little world, we meticulously design every corner, and pin up the good yearning for life.

In the selection of decoration materials, we often hear "integrated ceiling", what is integrated ceiling? What is the difference between integrated ceiling and ordinary ceiling? Today, let ’s take a look.

What is an integrated ceiling?

The integrated ceiling is now also known as the overall ceiling and the overall ceiling. Common integrated ceilings on the market are composed of three parts: aluminum integrated gusset + electrical appliances + accessories. The original integrated gusset was widely praised in the kitchen and bathroom areas for its waterproof, moisture-proof, oil-resistant and easy-care performance. Since its development, the gusset has moved from a single kitchen and bathroom to the whole house, forming an integrated ceiling system. The emergence of integrated ceilings makes home decoration no longer the same, optimizes each functional module to the utmost, hundreds of types of gusset patterns, and full-featured electrical appliances are available for consumers to choose to meet consumers' life needs and personality pursuit.

The design inspiration comes from the painting style of the famous Italian painter Morandi. The seemingly dark colors show a rustic shock and an elegant calmness that directly reaches the heart. It perfectly integrates with electrical appliances and satisfies the daily needs while blooming quietly. The refined style of the owner.

What is the difference between integrated ceiling and ordinary ceiling?


Traditional gypsum suspended ceilings, wooden suspended ceilings, etc. are all independent individuals, which cannot perfectly integrate electrical appliances and suspended ceilings, and are less practical than integrated suspended ceilings. The integrated ceiling perfectly combines the buckle plate and electrical appliances, which can realize heating, ventilation, lighting and other functions to meet the needs of life.

Decorative effect

The traditional suspended ceiling installs all kinds of electrical appliances on the surface, which cannot be perfectly integrated, and it is easy to appear messy and poorly decorated. The integrated ceiling integrates heating, ventilation, and lighting. Designers carefully design different styles and different styles of gusset patterns, which complement each other with multi-functional appliances. Not only does it meet its practicality, but also meet the owner's needs for beauty and personality .


The electrical parts of the traditional suspended ceiling are concentrated together, which can easily lead to the aging of wires and electronic components, thereby shortening the service life of the product and causing potential safety hazards. The strong and weak electrical separation of the integrated ceiling electrical parts ensures the safety of use and product life.

After reading, do you understand the difference between the integrated ceiling and the ordinary ceiling? The integrated ceiling meets the needs of the market and is deeply loved by consumers. It must have its advantages. The character has been for 18 years. In the fierce industry competition, the more frustration and courage is to rely on its core value of "people are expensive to create a product, and it is a result of creating a personality." If you want to give your family a healthy, warm and practical home, you can choose the right character.

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