Jinke Xingye electrostatic fume purifier details

Fume purification using high-voltage electrostatic power supply and the plasma corona field plate combination. Corona discharge to obtain a high-energy plasma. Kitchen fumes moment of the small soot particles under plasma coagulation into large particles and oil droplets electric field, is collected in the dust collecting plate, and the plasma becomes to sink into the sump hit at the same time, most of the fine oil mist μ m level in the exhaust fumes, TVOC, oil, and burnt organic matter, and other pungent The odor is treated. Thereby ensuring the soot purifier to improve the soot purification rate and odor removal rate.

The appearance of the equipment and the main structural materials are corroded and have a long service life. The electrostatic fume purifier (electronic) is easy to select, install and use. The purification electric field adopts a series-type multi-component combination method, which can efficiently collect soot particles of different particle sizes, and the purification efficiency is extremely high.  

The high-frequency switching power supply control system is small in size, low in energy consumption, light in weight, and can automatically adjust the intensity of the electric field, so that the electric field current does not change with the harsh conditions in the electric field. The unique adaptive control output and constant current characteristics To ensure that the fume purification equipment maintains a high purification rate in the long-term operation, the control system of the high-frequency power supply has over-current over-voltage automatic protection characteristics and spark-backing, automatic tracking function, and unique super short-circuit characteristics can ensure the equipment Safe to run.

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