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Long axis liquid pump for conveyor belt particles, high viscosity, acid, alkali, salt, strong oxidant and other corrosive media. The new type of submerged pump is suitable for transporting flammable and explosive light materials. The traditional submerged pump shell, outlet pipe and flow components are all made of corrosion-resistant materials, the motor is placed on the surface of the liquid part of the pump placed below the liquid surface, with corrosion resistance, non-clogging, high temperature Features. The following Asian Fluid Network Xiaobian from the long-axis pump calculation, selection of long axis pump, long axis pump structure, long axis pump price, long shaft pump installation for your analysis. Long axis liquid pump under the long axis of the pump calculation At present, the long axis of the pump can be 20 meters long, under normal circumstances, 3-5m is commonly used. This is closely related with the price of long axis pump. Long axis liquid pump long axis pump selection 1, the performance of reference performance parameters table, the parameters listed in the table is an atmospheric pressure at room temperature water does not contain Yang pipe and filter test performance; calculation device head, Yang pipe and filter Loss of network is estimated at 1m loss per 5m. 2, the motor system by γ ≤ 1100kg / M3 configuration. YLS Department of 6kV motor, according to the need to be equipped with 10kV motor. 3, when ordering, indicate the type of pump, performance parameters, type of liquid (see "the main parts of the material table"), the main parts of the material, the depth of the liquid L, with a protective tube; The largest particle size and the proportion of sewage. 4, the liquid temperature is greater than 55 ℃ to be specified when the long axis liquid pump long axis pump structure 1-motor; 2-coupling; 3-motor base; 4-bearing; - outer flush pipe head 7 mechanical seal 8 floor 9 axle 10 intermediate bearing bracket 11 shaft sleeve 12 bearing pipe 13 rolling bearing 14 outlet pipe 15 pump body, 16-impeller; 17-seal ring; 18-pump cover; 19 suction pipe; 20 long axis of submerged pump inlet filter long axis pump installation 1, the axial thrust of the way to withstand: 1) When the pump rotor weight and axial thrust by the pump installed in the upper part of the thrust bearing. 2) When the pump is driven by a vertical motor with a thrust bearing, the weight of the pump rotor and axial thrust are borne by the thrust bearing in the motor. 3) When the pump is driven by a right-angle gearbox, the weight and axial thrust of the pump rotor are supported by thrust bearings installed in a right angle gearbox. 2, thrust bearing lubrication: Thrust bearings generally use thin oil lubrication (small pump can also be used grease lubrication). Outside the bearing body can be set cooling jacket, through the cooling water cooling oil temperature. 3, guide bearing lubrication: self-lubricating: If the pump is transported by the media as a clean liquid, guide bearings can be directly used to transport the media lubrication. External pressure water lubrication: If the pump medium containing a small amount of impurities, you need to access the external pressure of clean water to lubricate (water pump with self-closing seal system, pump shutdown, self-sealing system to prevent impurities from entering Guide bearing). 3, the installation method: General pump unit installed on the same base layer. 4, the outlet position: Under normal circumstances, the outlet located above the base layer, such as user needs can also be located below the basement. Above is the Asia Fluid Network Xiaobian bring you the long axis of submerged pump-related knowledge, I believe you buy long axis submerged pump and long axis submerged pump prices determine the understanding of factors helpful. (Editor: Qian Wen)

Aluminum Slip On Flange is a flange that connects steel pipes and pipe fittings into the flange and is connected to equipment or pipes through fillet welds. The mainly product is aluminum Forged Slip On Flange , 1060 Aluminum Slip On Flange, 6061 Aluminum Slip On Flange, 5083 Aluminum Slip On Flange, forged Slip On Flange , 1060T6 Aluminum Flange .

Our production scope: ASTM/ASME/ANSIB16.5, B16.47, ASME/ANSIB16.48 flange

Size: 1/2"-120" (DN15-DN3000)

Pressure: Class150-Class2500

Facing RF/FF / RTJ

Standard: ASTM/ASME/ANSIB16.5, ASME/ANSI B16.3and B16.47, ASME/ANSIB16.42, JIS/KS (5K, 10K, 16K, 20K), DIN2633, DIN2634, DIN2635,EN1092,BS4504,

Inspection: In house and third party

Document: MTC Comply with EN10204 3.1 can be provided prior to shipment

Aluminum Flange Jpg Webp

Aluminum Slip On Flange

Aluminum Forged Slip On Flange, 1060 Aluminum Slip On Flange, 6061 Aluminum Slip On Flange, 5083 Aluminum Slip On Flange, Forged Slip On Flange, 1060T6 Aluminum Flange

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