More environmentally friendly and durable plastic track into the Beijing campus

HC Plastics News: Recently, a briefing session on environmentally durable materials and safe construction of plastic runways in schools was held in Beijing. It was discussed by Tudor City and BASF, the world's largest chemical company, and representatives of Beijing school leaders and representatives of the family committee. Security implementation briefing. Let the environmentally-friendly and durable plastic track enter the Beijing campus and start the ice-breaking road of the plastic track market in Beijing campus. The doubts clouded by the sustainable development of the plastic track industry and the “problem track” that the public is concerned about are illustrated by facts.

The successful implementation of BASF's recent plastic track on the Beijing campus has opened up the stagnation of the plastic track in Beijing campus and laid the foundation for the safe construction of plastic track in the country.

Recently, Tudor City and BASF's environmentally-friendly and durable plastic track successfully entered the Beijing campus and started the “Running Way” of the plastic track market in Beijing campus. 150 years of German quality and credit guarantee, material safety and environmental protection, excellent performance, production and construction process control.

So far in 2017, the BASF&DBC environmentally-friendly plastic track has laid nearly 600 sports venues on campuses and stadiums across the country. Both the city and BASF have won market recognition and industry respect with practical actions, which is also environmentally friendly. Durable plastic track products have laid a solid foundation into the Beijing campus.

It is worth mentioning that the “Icebreaking” operation also organized a special meeting to invite the school leaders and representatives of the family committee to participate in the whole process of the production and construction of the runway by the members of the expert group of BASF and Tudor City. Publicly explain, and invite third-party testing institutions and school leaders and representatives of the family committee to participate in the supervision and random inspection of the entire construction process, in order to dispel the parents' doubts about the plastic track, so that users can rest assured.

Editor in charge: Wang Ning 12

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