New observations in the consumer market: the advantages of fashion multi-functional stationery gifts

According to the "2012-2016 China Stationery Industry In-depth Research and Investment Prospects Research Report", the stationery industry seems to be not very eye-catching in the eyes of Chinese entrepreneurs, but the stationery industry has become the fastest and most developed of China's light industry. A perfect industry. The annual sales of the Chinese stationery and office supplies market exceeds 100 billion yuan. With the development of the domestic economy, the improvement of the purchasing power of the Group will accelerate the development of the stationery industry. Many large foreign-owned stationery manufacturers and distributors have stopped in the domestic market, which is a fancy to the broad consumer market prospects of Chinese stationery. However, although the stationery market has broad prospects, how to stand firm in this market is a strategic issue that stationery companies must carefully consider. Challenges and opportunities coexist in the stationery industry in 2012. As people's requirements for stationery change from practicality to fashion and versatility, stationery companies have also accelerated the pace of innovative design products. According to data from authoritative market research institutions, in large department stores, 72.5% of consumers choose stationery as a reference element that is not only the main function of the product, but also more interested in other related functions. In a survey report, it can be seen that the fashion and multi-functional factors in the factors affecting the purchase of stationery are in the forefront, while the practicality is ranked behind. With a scale of 110,000 square meters in the Asia-Pacific region, the 20th China (Shenzhen) International Gifts, Crafts, Watches and Housewares Exhibition, known as the "China's First Gift Show", will be 4 On the 25th of the month, the opening ceremony of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, more than 3,300 well-known enterprises from home and abroad, will take care of the most fashionable and multi-purpose cultural products. The desktop file rack of Wenzhou Rebecca cultural products exhibits not only simple and fashionable, but also crystal-clear and crystal-clear, giving people a visually beautiful enjoyment. As an office product, there is no loss of grade. In design, it also considers the convenience of consumers when using, so that the file level is clear at a glance. Shenzhen Zhangjia Industry's perpetual calendar pen radio is a typical representative of multi-functional office stationery. It not only allows consumers to listen to the radio in their spare time, but also takes into account the functions of time, alarm clock, perpetual calendar and pen holder. It can be said that it is a three-headed and six-armed, multi-functional one, combining practicality and multi-function, so it is consumed. It is not surprising that the favor of the people. The products displayed in the exhibition are often forward-looking and innovative. The upcoming Shenzhen Gift Home Show is a great achievement in the gift home industry. The development trend of stationery and stationery will abandon the traditional single-function products and replace them. It is a stylish and versatile product. In addition, the concept of personalized customization and low-carbon environmental protection has also been gradually emphasized, thus gradually changing the inherent mode of product design in the stationery industry. Therefore, the advantages of fashion multi-functional stationery are increasingly prominent. This advantage is also the arrival of a new era in the stationery industry market. The advantage of enterprises to grasp this advantage is the key to grasping market opportunities. However, the status of most domestic stationery enterprises still faces the challenge of transformation. The single product line and the means of low-cost competition to seek market share will not enable the company to achieve rapid development. Only by continuously enhancing the ability to innovate and adapt to the development trend of the stationery market can we become the biggest winner in the market. Near the opening, the organizer Reed Huabo reminded that if you want to experience the latest and most dazzling stationery products in 2012, you only need to pre-register on the official website of the exhibition, not only can you enter the venue for free, but also get a bus ticket for the bus, saving The time and cost of the exhibition. If you are a buyer in the Pearl River Delta region such as Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan, Zhuhai and Huizhou, you can take the free bus provided by the exhibition. For more information, please visit Reed Huabo website: Attachment: Relevant materials 1. Organizers - Reed Huabo Exhibition (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Reed Exhibitions (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is operated by Reed Exhibitions (the world's largest The exhibition and conference organizer) and Shenzhen Huabo Exhibition Co., Ltd. (the most influential private exhibition company in China's gift industry) established a joint venture in China, which is the largest exhibition organizer in China's gift industry and also the Reed Exhibitions Group. Member company. In 2009, Reed Huaba United Group Academic Exhibition jointly established Beijing Reed Huaqun Exhibition Co., Ltd., with the higher quality, stronger brand and larger service prosperity of the northern gift home market, Reed Huabo will be The superior resource advantage fully serves China's gift home market. 2. ReedExhibitions ReedExhibitions is the world's leading organizer of exhibitions and conferences with 500 exhibitions in 39 countries. In 2011, Reed Exhibitions organized a total of 6 million active participants from all over the world, reaching a turnover of tens of billions of dollars. Today, Reed Exhibitions organizes events across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific through 33 fully staffed offices. Reed Exhibitions host 500 exhibitions, seminars, forums and conferences, serving 44 industries. Reed Exhibitions works closely with professional organizations, trade associations and government agencies to ensure that every event can be linked and targeted to the industry. As a result, many of the exhibition events hosted by Reed Exhibitions are market leaders in their respective fields. Reed Exhibitions is a member of the Reed Elsevier Group. As the world's leading publisher and information provider, Reed Elsevier Group's revenue in 2010 was 6.055 billion pounds and its pre-tax profit was 1.279 billion pounds.

Influence of external factors on the effect of Drinking Water Treatment Agent
1) Effect of pH value of water: Each flocculant has its suitable pH range, and its range will affect the flocculation effect. For example, polyacrylamide, cationic for use in acidic and neutral environments, anionic for use in neutral and alkaline environments, nonionic for use from strong acid to alkaline environments.
2) Effect of temperature: The reaction speed is too slow at low water temperature, the hydrolysis time increases, affecting the amount of water treated, and the excessively high viscosity of the flocculant will also make the floc fine. On the other hand, if the water temperature is too high, the formed floc is fine, the sludge moisture content is increased, and it is difficult to handle. Therefore, too high or too low a water temperature is unfavorable for flocculation. Generally, the water temperature should be controlled at 20-30 °C.
3) Effect of stirring speed and time: The speed is too fast and the time is too long: the solid of the large particles is broken into small particles, and the particles capable of being precipitated are broken into particles which cannot be precipitated. The speed is too slow and the time is too short: the flocculant can not fully contact with the solid particles, which is not conducive to the flocculant trapping the colloidal particles; and the concentration distribution of the flocculant is not uniform, which is not conducive to the role of the flocculant.

Drinking Water Treatment Agent

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