Security home, smart start from sound insulation

Security home, smart start from sound insulation

Reading: Homes that are not soundproofed are not qualified architectural designs. What kind of architectural design is soundproofed? What issues need attention in construction?

As our long-lived place, isn't it possible for home hardware to look cool? In the era of real estate, the gap between properties is getting smaller and smaller, and residential buildings are getting closer and closer to the streets. The problem of noise interference in civil buildings has become increasingly prominent, and calls for reducing noise and improving the acoustic environment have become increasingly strong. So how do we do sound security, maybe we can start from the following points.

1Architecture: Sound insulation of lightweight composite partitions used in building envelopes: Single light steel keel gypsum board <Intermediate installation of mineral wool board <Double light steel keel gypsum board <Soundproof acoustic felt <Double light Steel keel damping soundproof board. Double soundproof steel keel + gypsum board + double damping sound insulation board + dual mineral wool board sound insulation can reach 60dB (A), to meet the requirements of higher sound insulation requirements.

2 decoration: to improve the sound insulation of the floor, a method that is effective is "floating the ground" method, that is, in the structure of the floor slabs of a layer of vibration damping mat (usually 4-10mm thick), and then poured concrete in the above (generally 40-80mm, requiring reinforcement), forming a "sandwich" elastic sandwich structure. The use of solid wood floor sound insulation effect is better, if the floor sound insulation is too bad, in the paving floor tiles should be used floating sound insulation technology, can greatly reduce floor sound.

3 Doors and Windows: In terms of doors, we mainly pay attention to the sound insulation of the entrance door and the interior door. This point we can choose a better fireproof soundproof door, which can isolate about 30 decibels of noise. In addition, 90% of the external noise is transmitted from doors and windows. The popular method is to use hollow double-glazed windows and steel flat-seal windows, which can isolate 70% to 80% of noise.

4 Soft-packing: The thicker the curtains and carpets are, the better the sound-absorbing effect is, and the best texture is cotton and linen. A curtain with a good texture can reduce external noise by 10%~20%.

To solve the noise interference problems in civil buildings, measures should be taken from planning and design, building layout, selecting building envelope structures, and reducing and controlling vibration and noise of construction equipment, and should be considered at each design stage.

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