Sewage pump model parameters

According to Fei Fei sewage pump Hebei Shen large sewage pump [Asia Fluid Network News] sewage pump model parameters have? China's sewage pump is the use of international advanced technology, sewage capacity more advantages than other products, it can work without clogging work, can effectively protect the diameter of φ30-φ80 mm of solid particles through. The analysis of the condition of the sewage pump model parameters is very important for such products, and the information of this kind will be analyzed next. Sewage pump model parameters 1, sewage pump model parameters: 21 / 2PW; flow: 90; Head: 26; Speed: 2900; Power: 5.7; Efficiency: 50; NPSH: 3.5; Suction: 6; : 5491; 2, sewage pump model parameters: 4PW; flow: 80; head: 100; speed: 2900; power: 2.5; efficiency: 75; NPSH: 4; 3, the sewage pump model parameters: 80PW-100; Flow: 28; Head: 32; Speed: 2900; Power: 2.47; Efficiency: 25.5; NPSH: 5; Suction: 6; Machine Price: 3614; 4 , Sewage pump Model parameters: 100PW-125; Flow: 56; Head: 13.5; Speed: 1440; Power: 63; Efficiency 50 :; NPSH: 4.5; Suction: 6; Machine Price: 4420; Sewage pump model parameters: 50PW-65; Flow: 14.5; Head: 16; Speed: 1440; Power: 2.47; Efficiency: 25.5; NPSH: 5; Suction: 6; Machine Price: 3781; Five types of sewage pump model parameters of the analysis, we can conclude that although the type of sewage pump is rich, but the essence of information or class Like, the main difference is still the gap between specific values. This is also an important reason that sewage pumps can adapt to more workplaces. The continuous improvement of sewage pump model parameters will have a positive impact on our economy. (This article is published by Asia Fluid Network Editor)

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