Shoe cabinet entrance how to decorate the design of the entrance of the shoe cabinet placed taboo

The house has always been a topic for people to talk about, even though house prices have not fallen. However, after someone bought the house, he discovered that the house was not the type of house that he had expected. In fact, there are times when designing an entrance can be a good way to change this room type, and at the same time provide a lot of convenience for entering and leaving the door. Shoe cabinet is an indispensable part of the family, then for the shoe cabinet entrance how to decorate design? Placement need to pay attention to what? Here follows the Xiaobian together to understand it.

1, how to decorate the shoe entrance

Today, there are many home improvement styles, and the effect created by different styles is not the same. It is also true for entrance halls. In addition to decoration and design according to one's own preferences and ideas, it is necessary to combine the overall style of home decoration to design, so that the overall will be coordinated and unified, and does not affect the overall aesthetics.

In fact, the interval between the entrance of the shoe cabinet is best designed to prevent leakage; while the upper part is mainly transparent, the design of the shelf, hollow and the like is very good, not only the visual effect is good, but also Beautiful and chic. The following can be made into the design of the locker, which not only enhances the storage of the room, but also facilitates people's access to shoes. However, it should not be too high or too low. Because the entrance is too high, it will give people a feeling of oppression. It is not proper in terms of fortune and practicality.

2, the entrance of the shoe cabinet entrance taboo

a, entrance shoes should not be in front of entry

It has been observed that most of the family's shoe cabinets are now on the door of the living room, so that it is convenient for everyone to change shoes while entering and leaving the house. However, it should be noted that shoe cabinets are forbidden to face the entrance in the home fortune, so it is easy to influence the fortune of the room and the occupants. Therefore, it is feasible to design the shoe entrance on the side of the gate.

b, shoe cabinet entrance lights should not be too dark

Then, pay attention to the problem of light intensity at the entrance shoe. In order not to affect the fortunes of the home, the entrance lights must not be too bright, otherwise it will affect people's eyesight, and even stimulate the nerves of the eye. Of course, it shouldn't be too dark, which will easily damage the family's luck.

Xiao Bian epilogue: The above is how to decorate the shoe entrance and design of the entrance hallway shoe cabinet need to pay attention to which taboos are introduced, through the understanding of the contents of the above collation, we should know that home decoration is a great knowledge of the bar . After all, there are many details to pay attention to, so before the renovation of these matters should be more in advance to understand, so as not to affect the future of the room and family fortune.

Shoe cabinet entrance

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