SMS scams have new recruits to "finance loans with unsecured mortgages"

Recently, many citizens of Ningbo have received text messages of "unsecured mortgages for loans". News from the police said that this is a new type of SMS scam. Recently, a citizen of Xiangshan was defrauded of 150,000 yuan.

Mr. Chen lives in Shipu, Xiangshan. When he urgently needs liquidity, he receives a text message. The other party claims to provide a loan service with a monthly interest rate of 2%. Mr. Chen immediately called and asked for a loan of 500,000 yuan. A man asked Mr. Chen to deposit 150,000 yuan in the bank first, and opened an online bank to let him check whether Mr. Chen was capable of repayment. Mr. Chen deposited 150,000 yuan into the bank as required by the other party, and opened online banking, but he did not know much about online banking. He did not set a verification password. When Mr. Chen contacted the other party again, the other party took Mr. Chen ’s name, ID number and online banking login password as the reason for filling in the lender ’s information. At noon that day, the 150,000 yuan deposit was taken away.

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