Solid wood furniture hidden synthetic board has become a "hidden rule" in the industry

Recently, Mr. Wang, who has taken a fancy to the health and environmental protection of solid wood furniture, was slaughtered by the merchants. Since the merchant did not inform beforehand, the solid wood home he bought had many synthetic plates, and finally Mr. Wang retired. The reporter's unannounced visit found that Mr. Wang's experience is not a case. Whether it is in a physical store or a furniture sales online store, which is called pure solid wood furniture, the use of synthetic plates in inconspicuous places has almost become an industry's "hidden rules." In this regard, Consumers Association reminds consumers to look carefully when buying solid wood furniture, and pay attention to retain the purchase of the contract and other documents. ■ Consumers say: The purchase of solid wood furniture was used by the composite material. Mr. Wang bought a set of solid wood furniture. Because of the fear that the panel furniture will release formaldehyde harmful to the human body, Mr. Wang specially chose the furniture known as "pure solid wood". In the store, the salesperson said that the furniture is pure pine wood, the surface is coated with water-based paint, environmentally friendly and odorless, especially suitable for children and young people's rooms and those who pay attention to health and environmental protection. Mr. Wang set a set of high and low beds (renovation effect map), two computer tables and a wardrobe (renovation effect map), the total price of 8,000 yuan, Mr. Wang paid a deposit of 500 yuan in advance. After a few days, Mr. Wang's custom-made furniture was delivered. When the furniture entered the door (renovation effect map), he felt that something was wrong. "The taste is very big, the taste of pine itself can be accepted, but it is obviously the smell of formaldehyde." Mr. Wang told reporters that he carefully inspected the furniture sent, only to find these furniture known as "pure wood". Conspicuous places are "hidden" in synthetic boards. Originally, the back panel of the large wardrobe, the drawer bottom of the desk, the back panel of the bookshelf on the desk, and the materials behind and behind the bed ladder are thin laminated boards. Mr. Wang specially posted these synthetic boards and smelled it. Compared with the taste of pure solid wood, he found that the synthetic board tastes very pungent, while the solid wood tastes much smaller. When the workers were preparing to install, Mr. Wang quickly stopped. "Isn't it said that it is pure solid wood? How do you have synthetic boards in so many places?" Mr. Wang asked the delivery worker. The worker master told him that the furniture was the same as the samples from the store. “Solid wood furniture is divided into main materials and auxiliary materials. Our main materials are pure solid wood, and the auxiliary materials are synthetic plates,” the worker master explained. Mr. Wang feels unacceptable to this statement. “When I was looking at the samples at the store, the salesperson didn’t tell me that the main ingredient was solid wood accessories. I used this furniture for the children’s room. If there is a synthetic board, I will not buy it.” Hear Mr. Wang In this way, the worker master called the store salesperson on the spot to verify that the other party insisted that Mr. Wang had been informed of the situation. Helpless, Mr. Wang returned. ■ Reporter's investigation: The synthetic board for solid wood furniture has become a hidden rule in the industry. Isn't all solid wood furniture using synthetic boards in inconspicuous places? With questions, the reporter made an unannounced visit to some of the city's furniture stores. In the furniture store where Mr. Wang purchased furniture, the reporter opened a solid wood wardrobe and knocked on the backboard to ask why the salesperson’s backboard was not solid wood. The salesperson said: “The solid wood furniture is like this, the accessories are made of synthetic boards, but the other parts are pure. Solid wood.” In another brand exhibition hall, which is known as the earliest children's furniture (renovation effect map) in the country, the salesperson told the reporter that the furniture is pure solid wood, and the outer layer is made of water-based paint, which is very environmentally friendly. The reporter took a closer look. It turned out that these furniture also used synthetic panels on the back panel of the desk (decoration renderings), the back panel of the wardrobe, the bottom of the drawer, and other unobtrusive parts. When I saw the reporters specifically look at these parts, the salesperson told the reporter frankly: "These places use synthetic boards." In addition, the reporter saw on the Internet that the second-hand furniture area on famous websites such as 58 city and market is Business information published by many merchants specializing in solid wood furniture. A manager of the company, who said that "mainly pure solid wood furniture", told reporters that the floor of the drawer, the back of the desk and the back of the wardrobe are generally made of synthetic boards. This is not the case for them. Most furniture factories do this. . On, the reporter consulted more than a dozen shops that deal with solid wood furniture, including several flagship stores of Taobao Mall's well-known brands. The answer is “the composite board is used where the weight is not used”. Whether it is in a furniture store or a shop that buys furniture online, if the reporter does not ask the question "what is the material of the wardrobe backboard, drawer bottom, etc.", all buyers will not take the initiative to inform this important detail. Furniture online stores, including some brand furniture stores, generally only indicate the name of the main material such as “pine wood” in their product descriptions. There is no clear indication that there is a synthetic board in the product, and there is no product picture or text introduction. Description of the part of the plate. Some consumers who bought furniture did not return the goods, but in the comments of the goods also said that "some parts of the plate are still used, it should be informed in advance." ■ Consumers Association reminder: Buy solid wood furniture should carefully retain the vouchers. Wei Hongquan furniture industry expert Jiang Hongyuan explained that according to the new edition of "General Technical Conditions for Wood Furniture", solid wood furniture is divided into solid wood furniture and solid wood furniture according to the proportion and process of solid wood materials. Solid wood veneer furniture. All solid wood furniture means that all wood parts are made of solid wood sawn timber or solid wood board; solid wood furniture, that is, the base material is made of solid wood sawn timber or solid wood board, the surface has no covering treatment; solid wood veneer furniture, that is, the substrate is made of solid wood Sawn timber or solid wood panels, and the surface is covered with solid wood veneer or thin wood furniture. The reporter learned that many merchants are using consumers' knowledge of the classification of wooden furniture. They mistakenly think that solid wood furniture is all furniture made of solid wood and deceives consumers. In this regard, the staff of the Municipal Consumers Association said that the bullying of the merchants and the general intention of the consumers are likely to cause disputes and complaints about the sale and purchase of furniture. Finally, Consumers Association reminds consumers: First of all, to buy solid wood furniture, to go to a regular store to buy furniture, carefully check whether the furniture is marked with the name of the factory, the site, whether it is a regular manufacturer, whether the product information is complete, send The goods time, product style, material and other contents are written into the purchase contract of the goods; the second is to carefully check the appearance and quality of the furniture when purchasing the furniture. When the door is delivered, the package inspection should be opened first, and then the confirmation and confirmation should be signed and accepted; Invoices and other shopping vouchers and warranty cards, etc., disputes can go to the relevant departments to complain.

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