"Strict" as the head of security management two or three things

Safety production focuses on implementation. In order to better understand the safety production situation of the company, we entered Hebei Changhai Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. located in Zhongjie Industrial Park.

Strictly caught everywhere

Upon entering the gate of Changhai, a large safety production timing card came into view. Xia Lixin, head of the Safety Department of Changhai explained to me: “As long as an accident occurs, the safety production license will stop for one day and the factory will be strictly enforced. Ji, always urged employees to do a good job in production safety.”

The most familiar to the company’s understanding is the company’s employees. When I asked, “What does it feel like to work in Changhai?” What surprises me is that from the guardian, the aunt who cleaned the hygiene to the staff in each workshop, everyone All of them grinned at once: "Strictly speaking!" Even the landing and landing poles of the gate had their own strict rules, especially since the morning rise represented the beginning of a day's work. The time was not even a minute or two. careless. "I've been here for five years. It's not bad for one minute and one for a second. It rewards me 100 yuan more per month. This is a demonstration of entrepreneurial spirit." Uncle Zhang told me with a smile.

It seems that this is not only a matter of strict security inspections, but it can even be said to be a rigorous job. The development of all the work has always reflected the word "strict" in terms of safety. Changhai also increasingly takes Yan as a feature, which is really "strict "The top of the head, the rewards and punishments in the hands, can not help but let me awe.

Always keep in mind

Early in the morning, I walked in the factory area. I didn't hear the expected rotation of the machine and I didn't see the busy employees. I was surprised to find that the staff in the workshop was neatly lined up next to each other. Waiting for the assessment of the workshop director, the original safety training not only includes the training of the factory hours, but also has a safety operation test before work every day. If the examination fails, the safety officer will bring the party to the pre-opening column to compare the standards. The production specifications will be introspected and a fine of 50 yuan will be imposed. It is also necessary to participate in weekly safety intensive training. If the performance is outstanding at the end of each quarter, there will be 100-200 yuan reward. Xia Gong said: “Strengthening the safety quality of workers is the focus of our work. Only by continuously eliminating the blind spots of safety production and using rewards and punishments together, can employees raise awareness of hardships and improve the intrinsic safety of Changhai.”

Strict policy

Advancing with the times is the spirit of corporate culture that every Changhai people has always adhered to, and is particularly prominent in the formulation of various rules and regulations of the company. In the implementation of the work safety work system, the company has always maintained a working attitude of seeking truth from facts and advancing with the times, and timely summary of new problems and new situations that have occurred in safety production. For example, on the day watch of the safety officer, there were only 15 The project was routinely inspected. However, because employees frequently did not work or did not pull the switch on time during work breaks, this was not listed in the daily checklist. The Enterprise Security Department immediately relisted this item in daily work checkups. The newly added self-perceived unplugging time of 15 minutes is an innovation in the work. Xia Gong told me that “safety production cannot rely solely on supervision and needs self-examination, and fifteen minutes is also a remedy opportunity for everyone, otherwise our punishment system, but not favoritism, of course, there will be reward good performance. let each employee regulate the operation behavior, the responsibilities to each person, so that each employee can bring a helmet for their lives, seat belt system We can all work together to create a safety net."

This is the safety culture that has always been upheld. In just one month in 2014, Changhai's safety management system has been updated to ten. As the company's safety management continues to be standardized and strengthened, it has become a typical enterprise for safety production in the Safety Supervision Bureau of the Sino-Czech Industrial Park Safety Supervision Bureau, which has enabled the company to maintain its “zero accident” success for several years.

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