Suggestions on prevention and treatment of Chinese cabbage clubroot disease

Chinese cabbage root disease is a soil-borne disease, which is common in all planting areas of our city and is seriously harmful. In addition to Chinese cabbage, it also infects cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, cabbage, radish and rape. The suitable environment for the disease is that the soil is acidic and the soil has a large water content. Based on years of work experience, several suggestions for the prevention and treatment of this disease are made:

First, the implementation of rotation: diseased fields and non-crown vegetables for 4-5 years or more rotation.

Second, increase the application of lime: 60-80 kg per mu (or grass ash) to increase the soil pH.

Third, sorghum drainage.

Fourth, the chemical control: carbendazim and other pesticide soil disinfection, 4 kg per mu.

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