Sweeper = H type cleaner

The cleaning device produced by our belt cleaner company is inexpensive, whether it is alloy or polyurethane, which can be found in our company. There are mainly GH, GP, GN, GO, and GI types. His scraper is made of imported raw materials, which is resistant to abrasion, corrosion and breakage, and does not damage the tape, thus extending the life of the tape.

According to the material cleaner, it can be divided into a polyurethane cleaner and an alloy rubber cleaner.

The polyurethane cleaner is made of high-quality polyurethane material and advanced production technology. It can effectively clean the surface of the roller and the adhesive on the bottom of the conveyor belt. It can prevent the conveyor belt from running away, prolong the service life of the conveyor belt and accessories, prevent accidents, etc. effect. Because of its high clarity, non-sticking, oil-resistant, wear-resistant, tape-free, long service life and automatic compensation for wear and tear. Therefore, it is increasingly favored by customers. It is also widely used in industries such as mines, terminals and steel.

Characteristic parameter H-head work first cleaning

P-type head work second cleaning

Type N is also called a reversible sweeper and is installed on a reversible running conveyor at a smooth working surface for reversible cleaning of the conveyor belt.

O-type is also called empty sweeper, installed on the head and tail non-working surface, used for non-working surface cleaning

Type I is mounted on a reversible non-working surface for reversible cleaning on non-working surfaces

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'Sweeper = H type cleaner

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