Talking about the Combination of Speech Recognition and Security Monitoring

Perhaps at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Samsung's grandly introduced voice-controlled smart TV gave the world a new idea. According to reports, the smart TV uses voice control, facial recognition and action control and other scientific and technological means to achieve human-computer interaction between humans and television, thus demonstrating its proposed "smart interaction" concept. Although Apple did not participate in CES, but recently announced that Siri voice control assistant has a profound impact on the CES electronic products.

Speech recognition has become one of the most popular technologies at CES 2012.

In the field of security monitoring, speech recognition technology is still in the pilot phase, and it has not achieved widespread promotion and application. Ye Lengzhi Qiu, in addition to existing scholars have begun to apply voice recognition technology in prison management, security monitoring in the future will inevitably grow because of voice recognition technology is more complete and mature. When voice recognition "hits" video surveillance, it will become a new interpretation of security technology.

At the end of 2011, Shenzhen established China's first speech cloud platform based on speech recognition technology and 3G technology, and initially implemented an intelligent driving assistance system. The system can provide a number of services such as making/receiving calls, traffic information, and smart navigation according to the user's voice prompts, thereby enhancing the interaction between people and the car and ensuring driving comfort and safety. China's speech recognition technology has made a breakthrough in the automotive field.

Voice recognition will also play a role in the warning of prison events. The most mature one is the noise warning system. Once the sound in the specified area exceeds the set value, a linkage alarm will be issued. The specific method is that the sound information is collected by the microphone and reaches the control center through the transmission line. The control center analyzes and processes the timbre, tone and volume. At the same time, the remote control surveillance camera lens is aimed at the target area to ensure the accuracy of the alarm confidence.

The combination of voice recognition and video surveillance technology not only applies to prison management, but also applies to campus security, financial systems, and government agencies. The double authentication of sound and picture not only ensures the validity and accuracy of the alarm information, but also preserves the diversity of evidence in the place where the event occurs, facilitating the administrator to make a correct decision.

Voice recognition "meeting" video surveillance will be the new interpretation of future security surveillance.

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