The characteristics of the necessary network building intercom system for housing

The network building intercom system has gradually become the mainstream, and the point-to-point mode of network transmission has the advantages of being more scientific, more reliable, and clearer than analog signals. Laibang IP network building video intercom system (NP series) is a full color screen building intercom based on network transmission, mainly used in residential quarters, villas, office buildings and other places.

Characteristics of the network building intercom system
1 Based on the local area network, transmission of video, audio and a variety of control signals using TCP/IP protocol, easy Internet connection and access, easy installation.

2 Build digital community with the most advanced technology in the industry and realize visual intercom.

3 pure screen high-definition picture display, vivid colors, high performance, strong compatibility; smart full touch operation, high-grade appearance.

4 embedded hardware platform and embedded operating system, image encoding using H.263, H.264 compression standard, audio using G.711, G.726 compression standard, different from the traditional analog building video intercom system.

Network building intercom system, IC card door lock, fingerprint identification, tamper, mobile detection, call transfer, hijacking code, music doorbell and emergency alarm functions in one intelligent system; at the same time, it can flexibly control home appliances, three tables far copy Other functions are incorporated into the system.

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