The country's first green photovoltaic intelligent manufacturing plant opened

Abstract On August 23, the first production scale of IBC battery and module production line in China - China Power Investment Corporation Solar Power Co., Ltd. Xining Company 200 MW N-type IBC battery and module project officially started, the project will be the first in the country after the completion of the project A green photovoltaic intelligent manufacturing factory...

On August 23, China's first mass production scale IBC battery and module production line - National Power Investment Group Solar Power Co., Ltd. Xining's 200 MW N-type IBC battery and module project officially started. After the project is completed, it will be the first in the country. Green photovoltaic intelligent manufacturing plant.

Xie Xiaoping, Chairman of the Yellow River Upstream Hydropower Development Co., Ltd., said that after the project is put into production, it will become the first low-cost, high-efficiency N-type IBC battery and component production line in China. The mass production component cost is 2.37 yuan/watt, compared with the current Qinghai Photovoltaic Power Plant. The cost of photovoltaic power can be reduced to 0.263 yuan / kWh, lower than the benchmark electricity price of Qinghai Province thermal power online 0.3247 yuan / kWh, the system efficiency can reach 85%.

"The photovoltaic industry has become an emerging pillar industry in Qinghai." Xu Guocheng, member of the Standing Committee of Xining Municipal Committee and executive deputy director of the Economic and Technological Development Zone, said: "N-type crystalline silicon cells have become the development trend of traditional crystalline silicon solar cells, and are the forefront of the research and industrialization of international crystalline silicon cells. The implementation of the project has filled The gap in the N-type crystalline silicon battery and component industry in our province will play an important role in promoting the development of the photovoltaic industry and the construction of the Qinghai Clean Energy Demonstration Province."

National Power Investment Group Solar Power Co., Ltd. Xining Company's 200 MW N-type IBC battery and module project construction site is located in Dongchuan Industrial Park, Xining City, with a total area of ​​70,000 square meters and a total project budget of 580 million yuan. After the project is put into production, it will reach the annual production capacity of 200 MW N-type IBC solar cells and components. It is the first battery production line with a mass production efficiency of more than 23% in China. The module power reaches 330W (60 pieces) and the module efficiency is 20.4%. The national technology leader's component efficiency full requirements will lead the industry's technological development.

The project adopts international advanced automated robot and guided transportation system to realize the whole process automation; use big data to analyze the key process of production and track the whole life cycle status of equipment to realize intelligent production; use advanced production execution system to realize production process Informatization of data; zero-emission of office lighting in the plant area is achieved by optimizing the distributed generation system and the factory system.

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