The unqualified rate of children's furniture is high, and enterprises deliberately evade national standards.

At the end of last month, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine announced the results of the third quarter product quality inspection, the detection rate of children's furniture unqualified products reached 32.1%, ranking second in the unqualified list. The reporter found that among the many items in the spot check, the unqualified products were mostly listed on the list of structural safety, and there were many well-known children's furniture brands that I loved my family and loved. The rate of non-conformity is high, and well-known brands are on the list. Insiders pointed out that there are brands in the actual sampling inspection, and the implementation of children's furniture standards is not optimistic. The unqualified rate of children's furniture is high. According to the statistics of the reporters, since the official implementation of the General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture (GB28007-2011) on August 1, 2012, the disqualification rate of children's furniture has been consistent in different quality inspections. High. In May 2013, in the spot inspection by the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, the rate of unqualified children's furniture was 64.4%. In September 2013, the quality of the Shanghai Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce was 54.2%. In the spot check of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine in December 2013, the unqualified rate was as high as 54%. In this spot check, although the standard has been implemented for more than two years, the detection rate of children's furniture unqualified products has dropped by a considerable amount compared with the same period of last year, but it still exceeds 30%, and the unqualified rate ranks in the forefront. According to the results of previous random inspections, the main unqualified items of children's furniture are structural safety performance and warning signs, which is the part of the new national standard that emphasizes the norm. In the previous spot checks, another phenomenon that cannot be ignored is that many well-known brands in children's furniture have been found to be unqualified. In the announcement issued by the Shaanxi Quality Supervision Department in 2013, a bedside table for Columbini children's furniture was unqualified due to the safety structure (edge ​​and tip); in the sampling inspection of the Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce in June this year, I loved my family and doudou. A product of the manor was exposed to the “Structural Safety (Hole and Gap)” project. In the spot check of the AQSIQ, I loved my family, the window of the future, and many of my favorite products were unqualified due to structural safety projects. . Reasons for the analysis of "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture" (GB28007-2011) has been called a very strict standard for children's furniture worldwide. However, it has been promulgated and implemented for more than two years. Why is there still a high rate of disqualification and a large number of brands on the list? Zhu Changling, chairman of the China Furniture Association, said that this shows that the national standard has not yet fully attracted the attention of enterprises. Some enterprises do not understand or know how the standards are regulated, and the situation of unqualified products still exists. The list of big brands shows the problem of corporate responsibility. The enterprise deliberately circumvented the influence of the national standard as the cooperation contracting unit of the quality inspection department. The National Furniture and Indoor Environmental Quality Supervision and Inspection Center accepted the risk monitoring and supervision and spot checks of the quality inspection departments such as the Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce and the AQSIQ. Talking about the quality inspection feeling of children's furniture, Sun Shudong, assistant director of the National Furniture and Indoor Environmental Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, said that although the rate of non-conformity this year has decreased compared with last year, the circulation area is still produced, whether it is national or local. In the field, the implementation of children's furniture on the national standard is “not optimistic”. According to its introduction, structural safety has the highest frequency of occurrence in unqualified projects. "This requires the re-adjustment of the company's products, the chamfering of the chamfer, the treatment of the place to deal with, the improvement of the entire design and the adjustment of the production process." Children's furniture national standard is the furniture used by children aged 3-14. Due to the strict national standards, many companies have evaded the influence of national standards by flaunting themselves as “teenage furniture”. There is such a phenomenon in the market - the appearance and design of the product is for children, and the sales staff will not be clear. If there is a dispute or the inspection is unqualified, the manufacturer will argue that it is "teenage furniture" and should be applied to "adults". Furniture" standard. In this way, both the structure and the environmental protection will be much looser. Sun Shudong said, "The situation is very common." Although big brands frequently appear on the list, Sun Shudong said that from the results of previous spot checks, the qualification rate of big brands, small and medium-sized brands and small brands is in an "inverted triangle" state, and most large brands are against the national standard. The implementation is relatively better. Consumers do not understand the national standard on the one hand, the company deliberately evades, on the other hand, consumers are unaware of it. The Global Child Safety Organization has released data that 61.2% of child injuries occur at home, and nearly 80% of parents do not know how to conduct safety checks on household items. The damage to children at home is mostly related to furniture. The Jinghua Times reporter interviewed a number of parents randomly. After being asked about the situation where the children were bumped by the sharp corners of the furniture or locked into the closet, how did they consider that several parents said that they were not careful about their care, instead of Choose safer furniture or handle sharp corners. Sun Shudong believes that this is one of the reasons for the poor implementation of the national standard for children's furniture. “Most consumers are not aware of the reasons why children are hurt at home. They choose and treat children's furniture with adult safety standards.” Sun Shudong said that the state and the media now attach great importance to the safety of children's furniture products, but consumers are right. The understanding of standards is far from enough, and it is impossible to form a supervisory force against enterprises. The industry suggested forming a third-party supervision Zhu Changling said that it is necessary to draw the attention of the whole society to the phenomenon of repeated inspection of children's furniture. “As long as it is a company that produces children's furniture, it must meet the requirements of the national standard.” He also said that it is worthwhile to explore whether a third-party supervision mechanism can be formed in the future: For example, after sampling unqualified products, will the products be recalled? Which part or process does it need to be improved? He suggested that if a qualified national quality inspection agency can be entrusted in the future, there will be a third-party supervision agency to ensure the production of raw materials from the entry of children's furniture into the factory, the management of the medium-term production process, and the preparation of the later instructions and warning signs. All are qualified. If the non-conforming product appears again, it will be ordered to stop production. “Is this more able to form a virtuous circle?” Consumer tips give priority to safety performance Children's furniture is simple and vivid, and the lively and bright colors are loved by parents and children. However, the industry and commerce department reminded that the purchase of children's furniture should give priority to safety performance, and then consider the use of performance, aesthetic appearance and other factors. In safety performance, attention should be paid to whether the edge and tip of the children's furniture are rounded, whether there are dangerous protrusions, whether the hole and the gap will catch the child's finger, whether the folding structure has a locking device, and whether the confined space has the required ventilation. Holes, doors should have no automatic locking device to prevent children from walking out after entering. When purchasing children's furniture, the product quality inspection report should be consulted, and special attention should be paid to whether the hazardous substance content of the product meets the quality requirements of the national mandatory standards. After using for a period of time, the parents should check the moving parts of the children's furniture and tighten the screws of the guide rails, hinges and handles to prevent the moving parts from falling off due to loose screws. Choosing furniture should pay attention to the introduction of age-related people. Children's furniture is defined for children aged 3 years and 14 years old. Children of this age group have poor self-protection awareness and ability, sharp edges and tips are easy for children's body. Causes traumatic injury. High table heights and cabinets with a height of more than 600" "have a high center of gravity. When the doors, drawers and other components are opened, children are more likely to tip over after climbing. According to the requirements of the national standard, the instructions for use must clearly indicate the applicable age range of the goods, "3 years old to 6 years old" and "3 years old and above" or "7 years old and above" children. The difference between them is mainly concentrated on the tolerance of tables and chairs. It is suitable for "3 years old to 6 years old". It may not be able to withstand the weight of big children. Parents should pay attention when choosing, and also replace unsuitable furniture in time. As for the youth furniture, it is aimed at children, but the standard of adult furniture is implemented, which is much more relaxed in terms of safety performance and environmental performance. Parents should pay special attention when purchasing. Related news tracking On October 29, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine announced that the third quarter of children's furniture quality supervision and spot check results show that a well-known children's furniture brand I love my family, a favorite product was exposed due to "structural safety" failed. On October 31, the two brands of Evergrande Meisenmei issued a “serious statement” on the official website, saying that the products that were spot-checked were pre-sales and samples, and released inspection reports of two products from different departments to prove their qualification. . However, the Jinghua Times reporter found that the products exposed by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine are not in the same batch as the products on the official website. Self-certified qualified products and exposure product production batches are fundamentally different. On October 29th, the results of the AQSIQ product inspection, the "I love my family" brand was unqualified products - FK15A3 small square stool, the unqualified project is "edge and Cutting edge." I love my family and said in the statement, "Hengda Meisenmei has been making the "best quality children's furniture" since its establishment... Strictly implement the "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture" (GB28007-2011), always pay attention to products. The safety of the project.” An excerpt from the Guangdong Provincial Quality Furniture Supervision and Inspection Station (Dongguan) on the inspection of the FK15A3 small square stool of my family, was published to self-certify its “edge and cutting-edge” project. However, in the results announced by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the production date of the small square stools was 2014-04-10; the production date of the products sampled by Dongguan was 2013-12-12. It is understood that if the production date of the product is different, it is actually a different batch of products, and it is impossible to carry out the class certification. Declaring that the non-conforming product is not for sale is a quality inspection department. In the quality inspection, the small square stool of "I love my family" was unqualified due to "edge and cutting edge"; a small circle of "more love" brand The unqualified stool item is “stool tilting test in any direction”. But in the statement that I loved it and I loved my family, the two products became samples and exhibits, and they were not sold. The statement said: "The 'more love' 8K906 small stool belongs to the display samples in the store, and has already stopped production and sales, because the clerk and the quality supervision department did not communicate in detail, which led to the results of this sampling." And "I love my family 'Small square stool products are pre-sales, now only as a store matching store." The statement also stated, "If consumers have the demand for purchase, our company will strictly follow the new national standards for production." The Jinghua Times reporter learned that in the furniture industry, the quality supervision system is generally the quality inspection organization to the production enterprise to extract the finished products. And both parties will sign the sample list for approval. I love my family, I like it in recent years, some of the records on the list, the time of testing, the brand product, the unqualified project, the December 2013, the 2013 product quality, the country, the love of the bedside cabinet, the safety of the furniture, the supervision of the results of the spot check, I love my family, 2014, 6 Month Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau circulation field children's products I love my chair structure safety check inspection October 2014 AQSIQ third quarter quality spot check report I love my small square stool structure safety October 2014 AQSIQ third quarter quality spot check report More love for the structure of the small stools. Hengda Meisenmei said that it is "doing the best quality children's furniture", but in recent years it has been frequently exposed by the quality inspection and industrial and commercial departments.

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