This year's steel profit margin is 3.5%.

Luo Tiejun, deputy director of the raw materials department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, recently predicted that under the condition of stable macroeconomic fundamentals, China's steel output and demand will continue to grow next year, but the operating situation of iron and steel enterprises is difficult to reverse and will remain in a low-profit state. According to him, the average profit margin of each industry this year is 6%, while the steel industry is only 3.5%, which is the lowest in all industries.

Steel exports return to normal levels December 18-19, the "2011 China Steel Market Outlook" and "My Steel" Network Annual Conference co-sponsored by the Metallurgical Industry Economic Development Research Center and "My Steel" Network will be held in Shanghai . At the meeting, Luo Tiejun stressed that China's steel is based on domestic demand, and exports are necessary and necessary, but the export volume cannot be too large. He said that the previous 50-60 million tons of steel exports were too high, and this year is relatively normal.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology estimates that China's crude steel output this year will be about 620 million tons, and exports will account for about 7% of the total output. Statistics show that China exported 2.91 million tons of steel in November and accumulated 39.7 million tons in January-November. It is estimated that the annual export volume will be 43 million tons.

Officials from the Ministry of Commerce also expressed their attitude towards the export of the steel industry. Su Jing, deputy director of the Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce, said that in accordance with the requirements of “transfer mode, adjust structure, and promote coordination”, China’s steel production is mainly to meet domestic demand. Next year, the Ministry of Commerce will strive to control steel exports to a total output of 5 %s level.

The industry believes that for the export of steel, the current parties have different understandings. After the financial crisis, because the steel exports fell too much at that time, the government raised the export tax rebate level again, but this is only a short-term policy and cannot be long-term.

Iron ore negotiations should be more effective. Looking at the iron ore market in 2010, the trend of “roller coaster” is presented. The price has changed from the unilateral upward trend in previous years, and the shock has intensified. The market risk and operational difficulty have increased sharply compared with previous years.

In this regard, all parties expressed their dissatisfaction. Luo Tiejun bluntly said: "Since the iron ore negotiations in 2009, we basically did nothing. From the first quarter of this year, the long association mine has disappeared."

The high monopoly of the three major mines has seriously affected the healthy development of the Chinese steel industry. "We can't simply use the quarterly pricing of mines as a standard. We must seek a more reasonable pricing mechanism." Luo Tiejun reminded that there must be an attitude towards imported iron ore. China's steel output is so large, iron ore. The abnormal high price of stone prices and the abnormal relationship between upstream and downstream industrial chains must be resolved in the future.

Gao Bo, a senior researcher at Mines, said that although China is trying to tap the potential of domestic mines and explore diversified import channels, the price problem caused by iron ore supply and demand in the short term is still not optimistic. He predicted that China's iron ore imports may rebound in 2011, and the iron ore pricing model will become more financial.

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