Tips for decorating old houses decorating the main points of the old house

Our house has lived for a long time and will want to renovate it. However, the renovation of the old house requires skill. There are many places that cannot be moved, so we need to understand when decorating the old house. What are the skills to decorate the old house ? What are the main points of decorating the old house ? Next, let me introduce you to the small series of the decoration home network.


First, decorate the old house skills

1. Environmental protection and energy conservation is not only promoted by the state, but also the responsibility of human beings to protect the earth, and this can save you money, it can be said that it is a two-pronged thing, so you can use energy-saving materials as much as possible.

2. The finished space should be simple, the messy lines are hidden in the ceiling, and the electrical equipment needed is not considered during the renovation. The pre-planning can make the indoor space clean and fresh. The floor tiles should be made of well-welded ceramic tiles, and the floor can be raised to increase storage space.

3. When the old house is renovated and renovated, it will encounter many safety hazards. If it is modified at will, it may cause great damage to the whole house. When the old house is renovated, first observe the entire interior decoration design structure, do not make too much change, and then remove the worn wall, then apply the wall paint, and then the latex paint.


Second, the main points of decorating the old house

1. In addition to the influence of the visual environment, indoor color also directly affects people's emotions and psychology. Scientific use of color is good for work and helps with health. Color processing is appropriate to meet functional requirements and achieve beautiful results. In addition to the general rules, indoor color also varies with the aesthetics of the times.

2. Renovation of old furniture. Most homeowners will feel a lot of old furniture when they decorate the old house. It is a pity to throw it away, but it takes up space without throwing it away. At this time, you can find a designer to help design and renovate the old furniture into a new one. The furniture, painted with new paint, is also very effective, and saves money on furniture purchases.

3. The degree of photochemicalization of doors and windows is divided into several cases. First, if the wooden doors and windows are peeled and deformed, the characteristics of the wood itself change, and the redo must be removed. If the material is compact, the surface paint film is intact and can be used in secondary construction. When you attach a decorative panel, use it. Second, steel doors and windows, security windows, if the surface paint film peeling off, the main body is rusted or cracked, must also take the corresponding measures to transform.

The decoration of the house needs skill. The decoration of the old house needs us to understand. What are the skills and points of decorating the old house? Through the above introduction, everyone knows about these problems, then if you want to know more For more decorative information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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