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Jinfan Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd., contact number; 13403176383 Mr. Yin QQ 710075096 Company main; Hubei Jianghan, Tianjin Lilin, Sichuan Chuanshi, Jiangxi Feilong, Shandong, Shanghai, etc., 66mm to 660mm various specifications tricone bit , composite sheet PDC bit, common tools for drilling. Integrity management, reliable quality, safe use, look forward to working with you. It has been necessary to develop a CAD system for the tri-cone bit to realize the parametric drawing of the tri-cone bit. Because the tri-cone bit is also a kind of work.
The overall design of the system The three-cone bit parametric drawing system adopts the functional modular programming method, which divides the whole system into four functional modules: user interface management module, drill tooth surface structure design module, database management module, parameterized drawing module. . The user interface is designed using VBA secondary development tools embedded in AutoCAD. The user inputs the relevant parameters of the tri-cone bit design through the user interface module to realize the communication of human-machine information.

The main function of the bit tooth surface structure design module is to complete the complex tri-cone bit design data calculation according to the tri-cone bit design theory. The database management module is a database created by Access 2003 in the form of a data table.
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