Watching Time: Records of Flood Prevention and Preparation in Songliao River Basin

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Here is the northeast, Liaohe, Songhua River, Heilongjiang and other rivers running through; here, is the famous "black land", China's most important commercial grain base, accounting for one-third of the country's grain production; here, is the New China The "cradle of industry" witnessed the start of China's industrialization and created a great blueprint for rejuvenating development.

The Songliao River Basin nourishes China’s largest plain area, and will often test the flood control level and capability of the Songliao River basin in a natural way. It will test the accountability and wisdom of the water resources people in ensuring the flood control security.

In 2016 , the Songliao River Basin faced heavy rain, there was no dam in the reservoir, there was no breach in the important embankments, no casualties occurred, and the disaster losses caused by floods, droughts, and typhoons were effectively mitigated, and the sustainable economic and social development of the basin was achieved. Create a peaceful environment.

In the coming flood season, the Songliao river basin is waiting to be seen. “According to the forecast, the climate situation in the basin in 2017 is complex, the overall climate conditions are deviating, the probability of extreme weather and climate increases, and flood and drought disasters coexist in the basin. The flood control situation is not optimistic.” Director of the Songliao Water Resources Commission Qi Yuliang told the reporter that the Songliao Committee will guarantee The life and property safety of the people in the river basin is the most important task. Based on the most unfavorable circumstances, all work on flood prevention and preparation is carried out solidly. Great efforts are made in project construction, overall management, and detailed implementation to continuously improve the integrated defense capabilities of flood and drought disasters in the basin.

Make up short boards to build the foundation stone

In early June, the reporter went to the full reconstruction is in full hydropower, a shower unexpected.

Fengman Reservoir is one of the most important water conservancy hubs on the main stream of the Songhua River. Downstream there are several important towns including Jilin City of Jilin Province, which are densely populated and undertake extremely important flood control tasks. In 2013 , Fengman Reservoir defeated the catastrophic flood of 70 years in the basin , avoiding the loss of 390,000 acres of flood land.

In the rain, the workers covered rain-proof cloth for important equipment. Several engineers are doing hydrological monitoring. “ In 2013 , the full governance (reconstruction) project of Fengman Hydropower Station was officially started. During the construction period, we have always put flood prevention safety at the top of the list.” Liu Yalian, Assistant Director of the Fengman Rebuilding Engineering Construction Bureau and Director of the Engineering Department, said, “This year, the Fengman Dam The reconstruction project will enter a critical period. We will continue to strictly implement the flood prevention work responsibility system and take effective measures to make the flood prevention project a priority."

“The Fengman reconstruction project has always adhered to the three priorities of 'protecting flood control, ensuring safety, ensuring the safety of reconstruction, and ensuring downstream water supply safety,' and stepping up to prepare for dispatch,” said Liu Yalian, who pointed to the construction of the Fengman Hydropower Plant. In the distance, the water flow is proceeding in accordance with the dispatching plan. It flows downstream and is full. It is building another cornerstone of flood prevention in the Songliao Basin.

Walking on the flood protection embankment of the Songhua River in Jilin City, the embankment after renovation has taken on a new look. “At present, most embankments in the major rivers and rivers of Songliao River Basin have been raised to the standard of once in 50 years. The next step is to carry out targeted upgrades to some weak links to ensure flood prevention and flood control safety.” Songliao Committee Committee Office .

Since last year, the Songliao River Basin has conducted a comprehensive physical examination and has carried out governance for key and weak links.

The Charr Sen Reservoir, located on the tributary of the Nen River, is in full swing. At present, the dam crest structure of the dam has been filled to the design elevation, the construction of the dam concrete impervious wall has been completed, and the downstream slope protection works, downstream drainage prism restorations and pond filling have been completed by more than 85% . The staff regularly inspects seepage and deformation to increase maintenance and repair. According to reports, Charsena Reservoir is expected to complete the water storage safety appraisal and acceptance work by the end of June , adding a “security lock” for flood prevention this year.

Located in the main stream Nen Nierji water, plant, dam seepage drainage system respectively on January 6, 9 and 19 January, 20 complete overhaul; Leakage Water was spillway February 13 , completed maintenance on the 14th .

In 2016 , the flood control situation in the Songliao River Basin was tense and severe. Local heavy rainfall occurred frequently. The mountain flood disaster and the flood control pressure of small and medium-sized rivers were great. Typhoon “Shizishan” landed directly and caused great impact on water conservancy projects. After the flood season ended, the Songliao river basin quickly carried out water damage repair work. Before this year, the Songliao Committee has sent six working groups to supervise the restoration work of water-damaged projects in four provinces and regions. Up to now, 18 projects in 8 counties in Heilongjiang Province have been repaired by water damage repair projects. Tasks: The restoration tasks of 92 water -damage and flood control projects in Jilin have all been completed; 290 water- damage and emergency-relief projects in Liaoning have been completed; water damage restoration of the water conservancy facilities in the Inner Mongolian Dongsi League has been completed.

Major achievements have been made in the construction of flood control projects, and the repair of water damage projects has been completed. These have laid a good foundation for safety. The Songliao river basin is ready to be ready to meet the test of the flood season in 2017 .

Plan ahead for scientific dispatch

Came to No. 1388 Huaguang Street in Changchun City , a warehouse with a floor area of 13,760 square meters is in sight. Here is the central flood control and drought supplies warehouse Changchun, now the central level of flood control materials stocks 25 varieties, with a total worth of 500 million yuan; provincial flood control materials 28 varieties, the total value of 4 500 million.

“We are here, before the flood season, people come and go. In the middle of the flood season, it is the car that comes in.” said Wang Yi, the head of the warehouse supplies detachment. As “housekeepers”, they will maintain the flood prevention materials before the annual visit. At the time of maintenance, the 13 760- square-meter warehouse, except for the indoor area, was almost occupied by these materials. The team members shuttled through and carefully overhauled each item. "Each year before the war, there will be a special plan for the deployment of reserve materials in advance. After entering the flood season, according to the public opinion adjust the program accordingly, take precautions to ensure on-call guarantees on-call emergency transport." Wang Yi said. According to statistics, from 2003 to 2016 , the value of goods and materials for Changchun warehouses to participate in transportation exceeded 5,689,000 yuan, and more than 710 vehicles were loaded .

Before this year, the Songliao Committee revised the Songhua River's general working rules and emergency response work rules, and improved various types of plan for the flood control dispatching plan and the plan for flood control. Songhuajiang said that all localities must strictly implement the responsibility system for flood control and drought relief chiefs, strengthen the training of newly-hired flood control and drought relief administrative personnel, increase flood control and drought resistance knowledge, and increase the level of flood control and drought relief command and decision-making and risk prevention and control.

With the "textual knowledge" of the plan, it is easy to start defending the "articles".

“The Songliao Basin adheres to the principles of precise scheduling and joint dispatch. Before the beginning of this year, it organized and implemented scientific deployments for the four reservoirs Baishan, Fengman, Nierji, and Charlson , and prepared for the Great Flood Preparation.” Qi Yuliang said , “According to The construction of the Charsal Reservoir and the Fengman Dam has also specifically determined the provisional implementation of the temporary flood control plan for Charsal Reservoir and revised and improved the flood prevention plan for the White Mountain and Fengman Reservoir in 2017. ”

In Fengman Reservoir, the reporter got this plan. The documents are clear. For example, when a flood occurs in the flood season, the discharge flow of the Fengman Reservoir below the limit water level is up to 2 000 cubic meters per second; and above the water level limit, the Songhua River defense general order is executed. “In the past, our flood prevention work was based on a full-fledged situation.” Liu Yalian said, “This plan allows us to think in conjunction with other aspects, to prepare for flood prevention more fully, and to prevent floods from being more effective.”

In the same hot construction of the Charsal Reservoir, in accordance with the Songliao Committee's temporary plan for flood control, methodical pre-dust scheduling. "When a 20- year flood occurs, the reservoir water level can be controlled to not exceed 353.00 meters of the height of the spillway dome ; when the flood level exceeds 353.00 meters when the flood occurs in more than 20 years , the spillway can be flooded with free discharge. Relevant person in charge said.

According to the complex and changeable characteristics of this year's sensation, the Songliao Committee organized technical forces to increase the level of flood control informationization. Before this year, Songliao Committee completed the on-line trial operation of the main business system of Phase II project of Flood Control and Drought Relief Command System. The flood prevention mobile inquiry system was updated and maintained. The personnel of the water conservancy department can inquire the data through the system and prepare for flood prevention.

Refining measures focus on effectiveness

May 12, Songliao water resource commission Hydrology Bureau of Heilongjiang middle reaches of the Center to simulate the "sudden power failure, sudden failure of computer, radar level gauge malfunction" at three emergency situations, hydrological information submitted to the emergency drills. This is a common scene in the Songliao river basin in recent years.

Before the Songliao Municipal Commission of Soil and Water Conservation, this year, in order to cope with the problem of water pollution caused by urban floods and floods that may occur in the flood season, a targeted exercise took place, and exercises were conducted to examine and respond to specific problems such as water pollution in the flood season. Disposal ability.

The water conservancy project built the “skeleton” of the flood control system in the Songliao River Basin. Targeted drills and other detailed implementation measures filled the “skeleton” with “flesh and flesh.” Such meticulous measures for flood prevention and preparation are seen everywhere in the Songliao Basin. Through these meticulous measures, flood prevention preparations are further implemented and flood prevention work can also be dynamically adjusted with changes in public opinion, adding a solid “shell” to the lives of the people.

April 18, before the flood season conference Songliao basin; May 12, Flood Control and Drought Coordination Leading Group Liaohe River Basin 2017 Conference; May 19, 2017, the Songhua River Fangzong video conference; May 27, Songliao Committee on Drought and Drought Relief Work Conference. After the deployment of a tight-knit conference, the flood prevention and preparation work in the Songliao River Basin was swift and swift, and the provinces and autonomous regions in the basin had carried out meticulous implementation and targeting in view of the uncertainties in the public opinion in 2017 . Sex preparation.

In Jilin, this year's flood prevention inspection is different from the past. The “two-round inspection and inspection” method was adopted in combination with the joint inspection of the former provincial and county-level anti-corruption inspections and the provincial key prevention and inspection supervision before the main flood season. It is understood that, in Jilin Province around the end of March to complete self-examination, found at the project risks affect the safety of the flood season 285; beginning April 10, Jilin Province, the city Prevention Office composed of five working groups, the use of 3 weeks to joint checks and found that the problem of non-engineering measures of various projects and 281; May 4, Jilin Sheng Fangzhi issued a notice to the municipality individually, rectification tracking supervision.

In Heilongjiang, the situation for the runoff, scheduling coordination in advance Dadingzishan reservoir such as hubs; in Liaoning Province, the implementation of "five security package" responsibility system, implementation of the September 907 members of village water and 1 372 small reservoirs warehouse keeper, Responsibility was implemented to the frontline of flood prevention; in Inner Mongolia, a non-engineering measures and platform for the prevention and control of mountain flood disasters in the Nenjiang River Basin was established.

In the Songliao River Basin in June, everything was so calm that flood prevention and preparedness were carried out in an orderly manner; everything was vigorous and scientific and information-based means increased the level of flood control again and again. Here, what is changing is the ever-changing flood prevention capability. What remains unchanged is the meticulous preparations. The eternal is the determination of the safety of the Bao River and the security of the people.

This article comes from China Water Resources.

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