What are the different leather leather sofa which is the best skin

Leather sofa is known to everybody. Its high quality and durable quality are popular with the public. When it comes to choosing a sofa, people's anti-fraud skills are getting more and more in place. Many people have learned to distinguish between imitation leather and leather sofas, but Do not think that as long as the leather sofa is as good, there are many different between the leather sofa and the leather sofa. Today, Aijia Furniture tells you what kind of leather is different from the leather sofa ? Which kind of skin is best ?


Although you learned to distinguish imitation leather, but you may also buy a set of high-priced cortex ordinary leather sofa. We must not think that the leather sofa must be leather, pigskin, sheepskin, and horseskin are all possible, even if there are differences in the quality of leather, the following details for everyone to distinguish.

What is genuine leather

The leather is actually a general name. Pigskins, horseskins, donkeyskins, and cowskins can all be used as raw materials for the sofa. You must make sure what kind of leather you are using. This one alone, you can remove leather sofas by a few percent, and leather can account for them. How much is the amount of other leather?

In general, the thickness, density and distribution of the pores on the surface of the leather are the main basis for distinguishing cow leather, pig leather, horse leather and sheep leather.

Leather: smooth and delicate, clear texture, soft color, uniform thickness, large skin, suitable for sofa fabric; leather, cattle leather and buffalo leather are called cattle leather, but the two have some differences, the surface of the pores of cattle leather round Shape, straight into the leather, pores close and uniform, irregular arrangement, as if full of stars, buffalo leather surface pores thicker than the cattle, the number of pores is less than the cattle leather, leather is loose, not as yellow The cattle leather is full and full.

Pigskin: rough leather, poor gloss, not suitable for sofas, pigskin surface of the pores are round and thick, more oblique into the leather. Pores are arranged in groups of three, and the leather surface presents many small triangles.

Sheepskin: small skin, fine skin, regular lines, flexible handle, sheep's leather grain pores oblate, clear pores, a few groups, arranged in a scaly shape, due to the processing of fabrics often need to adapt to splicing, Beautiful.

Horse skin: The pores on the surface of the leather are oval-shaped, slightly larger than the pores of the cattle skin, and the arrangement is more regular.


General high-grade leather sofas use cowhide, leather is divided into yellow leather and buffalo leather by type; divided into the first layer of skin, second layer of skin and three layers of skin by layer; according to the origin is divided into domestic skin and imported skin; and imported skin The first layer of yellow leather imported from Italy and Germany has the best quality, meets strict environmental protection requirements, has high color fastness, good elasticity and air permeability, high mechanical strength, especially high tear strength and tensile strength; Must be the first layer of yellow leather.

There is also a classification of leather fabrics according to the texture and appearance of the leather: There are four full green, half green, embossed, cracked skin, the former generally high prices, but the quality is superior; and the latter two, relatively cheap, for Used by the average family.

Full green skin

All-green leather is also called full-grain leather. It is made from the finest raw materials and has less injuries. It retains its natural state on the surface of the skin. All-green skin is thin, can show the natural beauty of the skin pattern, wear resistance, good air permeability; full green skin is made by directly dyeing blue warm skin, rejecting too much chemical agents, so the skin table can clearly See fine pores, feel real, and breathable.


Half green

Semi-green skin, also known as the second layer of skin, refers to the original skin that the full peel after peeling a thicker layer of the epidermis, relative to the full green skin, the scars and blink more, need to be properly polished to be used as a sofa skin. Due to the fact that the semi-cyan finished sofa is full of realism, the perception, texture and comfort are all better, so it is also the top grade in the skin, but the price of semi-cyan is also much cheaper than that of the full green leather sofa, which is the choice of most consumers.

Embossed leather

The embossed skin also belongs to semi-green skin, which means that the thin layer of semi-crust is cut after the peeling of the original skin. These types of batches are relatively heavy and have a deep blistering eye. They must be selected for sofa skin after deep grinding and refilling. Because the appearance and texture of the skin surface is poor, in order to make up for this deficiency, most of the process is embossed, and when the semi-cyan and embossed skin is lightly pressed by hand, there are more folds, but the color is rich, the style is changeable, and it is easy to pick .

Cracked leather

The cracked skin is also semi-crusted. The surface of this kind of skin has almost no flaws and its usage rate is very high. However, its texture is stiff and its breathability is poor. The hand touches the surface of the leather material and there is a noticeable waxy texture. The coating is very thick. Sofas use this type of material, and some people call it waxed leather.

Features: The texture and feel are hard, because of the manual processing, so the appearance does not feel too many flaws, but the appearance of artificial marks is more obvious, slightly not natural, affordable.

What are the different leather sofa leather ? Which kind of skin is best not to say, finest leather is of course the best, from the feel, gloss, texture, workmanship and other aspects to be compared to judge, to avoid imitation leather, of course, the most important. If you want to learn more about furniture, you can pay attention to GO Home Information Channel.

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