What is the process of decorating the house?

How to decorate a new house is a headache for many landlords. There are many aspects involved in house decoration. Although we can hand over the house to the decoration company, we also need to understand the process of renovating the house . The next small series is simple for everyone. Tell us about the process of renovating the house .

What are the processes of decorating the house?

1, the design of the house

Before renovating the house, we need to design the house as a whole, and we must clearly mark the dimensions of the wall and the ground. In particular, we must mark the areas involved in the decoration of tiles, brushes, and other decorations, and must not make mistakes. If you need to demolish or reform the wall, you must also make a mark.

2. Civil reconstruction

Civil engineering reforms generally include wall renovation, hydropower engineering, waterproof engineering, and kitchen tile tiles.

a. When the wall is reformed, it should be noted that the bearing wall cannot be removed.

b. In the hydropower project, we must first determine which places need to install electrical appliances, need water, we must first understand the model size of different home appliances such as washing machines and water heaters. We can pre-install some outlets like sockets to prevent future needs. Add electrical appliances, and then perform slotting according to the drawings. Do not slot on the load-bearing wall.

When the waterway is reformed, if different material pipes need to be connected to each other, special conversion joints must be used. The distance between the hot and cold water pipes should be kept at a distance of 15cm. When the circuit is reformed, at least 30cm must be maintained between strong and weak electricity. For the above distances, we minimize the cross-over on the ground when wiring hydropower. If the waterway and the circuit are to be crossed, it is better to add the bridge from the circuit.

c. After the acceptance of hydropower reforms, we will seal the trunking well, and then we can do the waterproofing work. We must do the waterproofing work together with the users upstairs and downstairs, and then we should do a waterproof layer for the kitchen and bathroom. The waterproof layer is best done at the top, and finally at the 24-hour closed water test.

d. After the closed water test is passed, we can paste the wall tiles and floor tiles to the kitchen and toilet. Before tiling, we must ensure that the walls are flat and free of cracks, so as not to affect the tile effect.

3, grassroots processing

Grassroots treatment includes wall base treatment; suspended ceilings, interior doors, windows, and wood veneer panels.

When carrying out wall surface treatment, first check the wall surface. If there is emptying or inequality, leveling should be done to ensure that the wall surface is flat. Before installing ceilings and interior doors, you must first renovate the plates and other materials. The materials are inspected, and the wood lacquer and other decoration materials used must meet the national environmental protection standards.

4, detail processing

The detailed treatment includes brush painting, touch-up paint, laying on the ground, installation of lamps, sanitary ware, etc. Finally, the hygiene is cleared and the house is checked and accepted.

For at least 3 times brushing the paint on the wall, as for the laying of the floor to be strictly enforced according to the design drawings, if it is laying floor tiles, floor tiles must be first soaked, the ground should also be wet with water, if it is laying the floor, we must ensure that the ground is dry, The installation of lighting fixtures, sanitary ware, etc. must be ensured that they are firmly installed, and finally house sanitation is cleaned, and then the tripartite acceptance is performed.

Xiao Bian concludes: The process of decorating the house Xiao Bian has been briefly introduced here. I hope that after reading this article, I will be able to provide reference and help to everyone.

The process of decorating the house

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